Thursday, December 27, 2007

McCain A "NO GO" For Me!

John McCain is a fine example of a military hero. He is irrational as a legislator!

I could not support him for President. If we have a Hildabeast/McCain shoot-out for the POTUS spot, I may just stay home.

McCain has three strikes against him (Yer-Out! in baseball vernacular)....

1. The Gang of 14.......7 GOP Senators, led by McCain GAVE AWAY the GOP right to have GWB's judicial nominations approved. The fact is, to this day GWB is getting NO approvals according to past history....Thanks John!

2. McCain-Feingold.....A fine example of McCain's Democratic leanings. He joined with a lunatic Dem to produce "Reform", and instead produced muzzles on freedom of the press! Thanks again John!

3. Kennedy-McCain.....John's wonderful effort to make all lebenty-seven Illegals legal! How very nice! This was the crowning blow for McCain....His party is 60% PLUS against making illegals legal. He now talks a new game, but in office would revert in a heartbeat to illegal-lover. Thanks again John!

Now you know my feelings.....Go out and vote for ANY GOP candidate before John McCain. He is a RINO.....not in the usual sense....but instead an alledged GOP Senator who more-often-than-not votes as if he were liberal......Thus the Lieberman support!

No John for me!