Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Illegals - Take Yourself Home!!!!

Sound a bit silly to you? It is not, and that is being proven by Arizona.

Jay Tea at Wizbang TELLS THE STORY!

From the story line, and other items I have read about this new move by Arizona....and, more importantly about the RESULTS....It is time for each of us to begin pushing our state to act as responsibly as has Arizona.

Not only are these folks going home, but also they are obtaining Mexican citizenship papers for their born-in-the-USA "anchor" kids so they can attend Mexican schools. That is a fairly permanent move!

While there is much kerfluffle about this from our beloved politicians...of both stripes...the fact is politicians motives are VERY transparent.

Democrats see a new "entitlement" class in the illegals...if they are made legal. One that will vote for the entitlement providers...Democrats.

Republicans see it as a "business" issue. The businesses which provide much of the GOP support like having C-H-E-A-P labor. They are not concerned about the average joe, just about where they can keep costs down and allow we taxpayers to fund the social needs of said cheap labor.

The voters.....YOU and ME.....that is the group that can make this happen and the problem go away. Simply hold our politicians feet to the fire until it happens.

Illegals need to come to the USA, but LEGALLY....You know LIKE YOUR FAMILY & MINE DID!