Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cool Yule Lights & Charges!

What a COOL YULE......

Received two items ostensibly for my RV time, but in effect good for lots of uses......

The 1st a Panther Vision Lighted Cap. This one is not your typical "light-strapped-to-a-cap", but instead a cap fitted with twin LED lights in the cap bill...unseen unless you do a close-quarters inspection. The batteries and switch are on the size adjuster in back. Came home last night and dropped my cell phone in a dark yard. Flipped on the light and BINGO, daylight in an 8 foot circle. This will be great for night hook ups of the RV to water/electric, etc.

2nd great gift was the Sharper Image Jump-Start DC Power Plus. This great little item....about the size of a squared off three cell flashlight is capable of: 1) quick-charging your vehicle battery, 2) Providing a bright flashlight, 3) portable power for cell phones, laptops, camcorders, CD players and more. It comes with connectors for ffive types of DC equipment, a direct accessory plug in for cars, a 110 volt plug in for recharge, and a lot more...all in a zippered canvas bag.

NEAT Stuff from a family paying attention to my needs!