Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Voice of Reason on Illegals!

U. S. District Court Judge Neil Wake , is leaning toward denying a request to delay implementation of the new Illegal law in Arizona.

Usually a proponent of big business, I am in agreement. Democrats, while seeking votes from illegals, are in my opinion losing a great opportunity to bring out their usual drum beat of "big business is bad".....and garnering more votes. I guess they feel voters will not penalize them for their illegal support.

Oh, and this tidy little added bit....2/3rds of Mexicans coming to the USA are doing so illegally! Sur-prize!

Of the actually 68% who are illegal, more than half pay a guide to get across. In my mind I picture really, really strong laws which lock up these guides when caught ofr oh say 10-15 years. That ought to lower the flow of illegals.

It is time our politicians began to hear the public...not their own special interests. So the chances of that happening are ???? Z-I-P! Look at the action yesterday by the Congress....they gutted the 700 mile fence bill, AND voted $10 million to lawyers representing these same illegals. It is long past time for the voters to express their outrage at the polls. KNOW YOUR CANDIDATES!