Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Got Your Meditation Right Here!

What a MAR-VEL-OUS idea....a Meditation room at a college so all religions can utilize the space.

OOPS! Guess the idea, while good, went off target a bit.....

Neal Boortz reports today on his site:


In Minnesota, a community college's "meditation room" has been converted into a full scale Muslim prayer room ... all at the taxpayers expense. Yes, you guessed it, it's a government school.

The room used to be the only usable racquetball court until the administrators decided it would be better used as a meditation room. This "meditation room" is said to be open to all religions ... from the descriptions that is clearly not the case.

The room is split into sex-segregated sections. The smaller section for women has literature like "Hijaab and Modesty," which instructs women on proper Islamic behavior – cover you face, stay at home, do not speak. There is also literature saying that the Jews and the Christians are the enemies of Allah.

A poster in the room advertises a local lecture for "marriage from an Islamic perspective." The other flyers were for students to join the Normandale Islamic Forum or participate in Ramadan celebrations. There is a sign on the room's entrance asking for all students to remove their shoes ... because Muslim customs require it.

But it seems like there are a few things missing from this non-denominational catch-all "meditation room." How about a Bible. Or a crucifix. Or a Torah. Nope. Nothing but a bunch of Islamic propaganda.

Islamopandering ... happening everywhere."

By the way, reports have it that the fellow in charge of insuring an open meditation room has not been there and refuses to go....I guess he is afraid he might find the litarature and complete Islamification of the Meditation Room...and then he'd have to act. Not this cowardly lion.

If any of you folks are in the area, please go file a complaint.

Students....SPEAK OUT!