Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Border Fence...A Democrat Casualty!

Yeppers folks, those lovely Democrats....guardians of the people (which people we are not sure, but illegals seem to be the current chosen few million) have gutted the 2006 Build-A-Fence plan.

The border fence, all 700 miles of it, is fiction....

5 Miles have been built in two years!

But who are we to complain.....Oh yeah...the voters...the folks who by a country mile favor a fence. However the Democrats have now seen to it that the fence is farce. Michelle Malkin covers it like a blanket....

No time ever have we been faced by such blatant lies and subterfuge by a party dedicated to making the USA into a safe harbor for all illegals. Thanks Dems....You reinforce my decision to vote for any person running against your candidate....well, except for Mel Martinez. But that's another story addressed often here before. Of course the bill will probably be signed by Mr. "Pro-Illegals" Bush of the Presidential position.