Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Huck-a-Boom!" - A Bust?

The fade begins. Nothing like the light of day to uncover things you are trying to hide. Huckabee came on like gangbusters, and he could fade just as fast. I must confess I am in line with his ideas in ONLY one area......The Fair Tax. He is right about this one, and it is being maligned, and perverted by many writers.

However, once beyond the tax thing, I am not in tune with almost anything he has done....and that, not what he now sez, is what is likely to follow election.

This, for me, presents a quandry....I like Thompson. He is dying in the polls. Romney is possibly my 2nd choice.....Guiliani my 3rd, and of course, no matter who is included (Paul counted) McCain is my last.....Too much Gang of 14; McCain-Feingold; Kennedy-McCain Illegal acceptance......I cannot do that. If the field in the final is McCain vs Hillary, I'd have to refrain from voting. It is just that simple. As a fairly-conservative/libertarian fellow, I could go with Romney, Thompson, Guiliani...