Sunday, December 30, 2007

Harry Potter #8??????

J. K. Rowling, author of the celebrated Harry Potter series has intimated that there MIGHT be an 8th book!

Primary among her reasons.....she feels drawn to the story, and...teen daughter Jessica is urging a return.

Rowling, however, has established that IF there is a #8, Harry would not be the prime character.

As a devoted follower of the series (along with various grandkids, AND the Duchess) I find the best possibility for further exploration to be Harry's wife....The lovely young lady has been given exposure as possessing some extraordinary powers beyond what most had in the series. After all...a Weasley character brings a plethora of possibilities for the story line...just from strange family members!

Bring it on! My ending of the series as reading material brought on the same sort of delicious enjoyment/major disappointment as I realized there was nothing more.

One of my enjoyments of Asimov books was the knowledge that there would be more, and the various series all tied together at one or more points. What a master of the written word!