Friday, December 28, 2007

Hellllooooo Europe! Awake to the Killers Abroad...but Headed to YOUR Place!

This is too much truth for most European appeasers (Leaders).....

Scott Ott Warns the appeasers.....

For those who did not go read the above link.....let me offer Scott's description:

"The assassination of Benazir Bhutto has put on notice the leaders of every European nation.

Your secularism, your democracy will not stand. The growing Muslim populations in your own lands that you have done so much to tolerate, protect and celebrate, will soon rise up against you. Sharia law shall become your law. The Caliph shall rule you.

It remains only for you to choose submission or assassination.

This bullet to the neck of democracy in Pakistan should cause a twinge in the carotid artery of each leader in France, Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, them all."

AMEN, but do you really believe the Euro-leaders are ready or even aware that they need be ready to defend their country from this Islamofascist idiocy? I do not think they are ready or cognizant of the threat!