Friday, December 28, 2007

Dolphins - Patriots.....What is What???

The 1972 Dolphins finished a PERFECT season....17 and 0....They also were the team of history. They were the 1st ever to be undefeated....the 1st to go a season with no one topping them.

The 2007 Patriots could, given the failure of one of their opponents to break the string...finish 19 and 0.

That is simply because there are two more games now than in 1972!

To be perfect is astounding. The comparisons will be limitless.....

I am a Dolphin in this struggle. They did it first, and No ONE will ever top them. They might TIE them, but not top them. Having two more games is simply a function of the schedules.

The Patriots are a great team....BUT the Dolphins did it 1st!

I love football, particularly NFL ( though I am much more college-oriented in the last few years!).

It is all good!

&....My Illini, fresh off their best season in Umpty Years, are playing once again in the Rose Bowl. They have a challenge of the 1st water....They will prove the Illini did well by obtaining the wrongly-cast-off coach of Florida.....

Florida is now in a downward spiral since they are missing Ron Zook. They acted hastily, and Zook's follower at Coach benefitted from Ron's expertise in recruiting. Shame to see Florida falling below Zook's level...this will haunt Florida for YEARS!