Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Border is Dangerous! - Reporter Cannot Find His Lead!

The Mexican-United States border is becoming much more dangerous for our Board Patrol. That story, however, gets buried in a fluff piece about how increased border patrols are endangering scientists along the border.

The nugget of a real story is buried deep several paragraphs in: "Smugglers have responded with violence. Assaults on Border Patrol agents are occurring at a record pace, with 250 attacks reported from Oct. 1 to Dec. 16, an increase of 38 percent over 2006."

The entire story Is here! (& of course from Associated-with-terrorists-Press)

While I can feel for the scientists being impacted; what is wrong with a lead about the 250 assaults on our border patrol in 75 days?

Guess I am not sophisticated enough to filter this in proper perspective.....let me see a few scientists are scared and might leave their place of work vs Border Patrol agents facing more than 3 attacks EACH DAY! Oh, and these attacks are not by knife-wielding low-lifes, but sophisticated attackers who are professionals possessing high-powered automatic weapons!

Wonder why our major media don't see this as a news story of importance. Oh, right! It is tied tightly to the illegals coming to nirvana address one part, the media would need to address the other and that is forbidden territory.

I'm really getting sick-to-death-tired of this selective-biased news coverage from the supposed venerable media elite. I presume their own elitist attitudes might be creeping full-blown into their news story selection as well as the bias within each story.