Monday, December 31, 2007

The Early Primary System Is Flawed!

That includes at least Iowa and New Hampshire.....and, for quite different reasons.

There has been, in the past year, a great deal of movement and jockeying about by a number of states to address their perceived slight under the current primary setup of the GOP & Democrat parties.

Many states changed to earlier dates....several are being made to pay for not following the party line.

Capt. Ed gives us a look at WHY THE IOWA CAUCUS IS FLAWED!

The Iowa caucus is usually little understood outside the circle of politicians, local residents, and news folk who seem to fail to point out the problems listed in the Fund article above.

In New Hampshire it is a completely different system, but just as flawed. NOT flawed by the voting, which is open, but flawed because of the fact New Hampshire is so far LEFT as to make normal voting impossible....particularly on the GOP side.

The two states seem to set some sort of trend, usually, and thus project their own flawed system upon at least the psyche of other states.

The major parties wish to keep the system as it is with Iowa and New Hampshire leading the pack...probably in some ill-conceived perception that they are providing a vote they, in effect, control.

It is time for the major states to stand up and stand forward. Not the "True-Blue" or "Ready Red" states.....those states with some swing in their voting history and of enough size to actually impact the races. The result would be a return to the system which seemed in place when I was young and 1st a where candidates often went to the convention with a number of votes, and then horse-traded to win.

I am tired of conventions which seem a coronation instead of an actual political challenge.