Friday, November 30, 2007

Religion Of Peace Continues to Operate!

YES...we must be tolerant of the "Religion Of Peace"....

Just see what they offer in return FOR OUR TOLERANCE!

These village idiots are showing just why we need to avoid A-N-Y form of acceptance of the Islamic folk until they decide to be civil and obey the laws of HUMANITY!



"We're, What I mean is...We're NOT, The Tale is yet to be told!

Democrats (Defeatocrats) are floundering in the sea of "OOPS"......


What an idiot....Oh, and Murtha, what about the "killers" you slammed in your earlier comments.... Will there be any response to your charges, I mean now that the KILLERS are all found innocent????

He He....

Love it, Love it......


Did Ya Notice??????

The current bruhaha over "plants" at the GOP CNN/YouTube debate (what an oxymoron) is centered upon the fact that DEM operatives of various levels were invited to the CNN operation.

My friends, that is NOT the story......The story is.....There were "friendly" DEM operatives at the CNN DEM debate, and "hostile" DEM operatives at the GOP debate.....

What an amazing co-inky-dink!

CNN smiles, confesses they know little, if anything, about the process, and ignores any form of collusion ties by the GOP as they profess they "should have" checked, but it is not REALLY important anyway.

Let me see:

CNN - DEM Debate = Dem operatives asking questions

CNN - GOP Debate = Dem operatives asking questions

What strikes a wrong cord here???????

Could CNN (The Clinton News Network) possibly have an agenda????? Naw! They said they did not, so it must be FACT!

How stupid do the DEMs think the public is......OH, right, they think all are stupid and need to be led by the Government which can provide ALL for the populace......

Damn....I hope there are still enough cognitive folks who can keep the DEMs (Hillary) from absconding with the high office of PRESIDENT....

If not, then we will all live to regret the TAX HIKES, and LACK-OF-RESPONSIBILITY to the voters that will follow!

YIKES! It is too scary to contemplate!


Chavez NOT Too Popular as "God!"

The mighty little fella from S. America is forcing a vote on his "Godliness".....permanent potential as El Presidente!

He is losing! At least in the polls.....BUT.....

He has NOT invited outsiders to judge this election.....He wishes to control it all, and somehow he will garner 70-85% of the positive matter what the actual vote is.

Wanna Bet??????

The pic is the recent display of TENS-OF-THOUSANDS who protested in public against his anointment as "GOD-FOREVER"

Let's see how this one plays out.


Oh My God !!!!!

From the WTF department of news and "studies".....this is just too much.....

Ya gotta laugh!

& so i guess there are NOT other things kept in older refrigerators???? You know, like food among those who are trying to make an old refrigerator last?

What a hit piece against beer/alcohol.....

Duchess and I have two for normal with wine, beer, soda, extra frozen goods, etc. We even attempt to empty #2 when we leave on a long RV trip and shut it down. & OF COURSE it is the oldest refrigerator.....we're not going to use the newest to hold such things.

ABSURD.....What really, really galls me is the fact WE, the taxpayers, probably funded matter if it is a Canadian or American study!

BS, pure and simple! Another liberal trying to install guilt for living among the masses. Wonder where the study producer keeps his beer......OH, Damn, of course, he drinks only red French wines at room temp!


Something To Hide? - Or Just A Control Freak?

The Clinton Campaign is like no other. Everything is scripted, controlled, and access to HERSELF is quite limited.


The MSM has long tolerated, without reporting on this fact, Hillary's avoidance of any situation where she or her minions (and with her micro-management they are minions) are not in absolute control. You are not ALLOWED to get close enough, nor have access enough to ask pointed questions.

Something to hide? - Or just a control freak?

While GWB holds few press conferences, he at least answers to do most of the other candidates.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

The FOX- New York Times......

Consider the possibilities! I posted recently on the possibility of a truly non-liberal major newspaper. FOX, vastly successful, and winning the ratings wars by a mile, has enough $ to make it so!

What would indeed happen to the circulation of the NYT with a FOX makeover?

The possibilities, and the wonderful mulling of potentials is SWEET!

I don't, however, find it too much of a possible as the FOX folks are wise enough to know the track they are on, and BLOGS are the future of communication. Bar none!

But.....what a great thought.......FOX-New York Times!

Ya gotta love it!


Changes....Re-Tire-Ment Seems To Bring Them On!

I retired officially at the end of August 2006. I still work for my hospital employer as a contractor and enjoy so doing.

However, even with the continued efforts at the hospital and at home, I find i have changed considerably in that year plus.

1. My dress: I gave away 15 dress shirts to a friend who still works. I still have about 10 or more, most of which I rarely, if ever, wear. I now find shorts and a polo or tee shirt to be my dress. I have several pairs of denim shorts, and also a number of more dressy shorts. I have lots of tee shirts, and a good number of polo shirts. I don't even wear socks much....except those short "tennis" socks which I also sometimes wear to bed to keep my old feet warm.

2. TIME! This one is difficult for many who have not retired to understand. I find myself on both a different schedule, and with a much different attitude. I stay up later, and rise later. Duchess and I, working at a hospital, went in at 6:15am.....thus were through at 2:45pm. I now stay up til midnight, and rise usually sometime between 7 and 8. (In our motorhome, when traveling, this fluctuates a lot......some times we are in bed at ten.....up by 6:30 or 7:00.)

3. Days of the week. With our involvement in Elks Lodge activities, and with Duchess' water aerobics and water volleyball, we have a schedule....not to mention doctor appointments, etc. However, when we travel in the RV the days seem to blend and we soon lose track and have to seriously think to remember what day it is. that can be a negative when you are seeking an activity which might only be weekdays...or perhaps on the weekend.

4. Pressure! This is M-U-C-H reduced. At least as far as expectations of others upon us. There are few job deadlines and requirements....except my contract work which has deadlines, but easy and flexible ones at the worst. Mostly we are free to choose and do as we please.

Thus, change is sure to come in retirement.

One plan I am developing is a new "retirement-work-ethic!" I find myself wishing to be a bit more organized about where I am going and what I am doing for the rest of my life. I am, as of today, deep into learning to write html for web design. I have been considering this for some time, and know some of the basics...but now I am bound and bent on doing the deed. Making my own web designs, and perhaps producing for others. I am also cleaning out 15 years of accumulated junk in my "computer room" and remodeling it to a three-station room. Station 1 is this older self-built PC which i use for lots of things, but mostly online things. Station 2 is my Vaio laptop which I take on the road with a huge external HD and use of my roaming communication, as well as my contract work with the hospital. Station 3 is my PC for web work. It is just coming online in the next week or so.

I love the phrase (paraphrased here)....."Come, grow old along with me, for the best is yet to come!" Duchess and I subscribe to the thought always!


"Mr. President, What Has Happened To You?

From the Spectator in England comes this piece asking great questions!




Friday, November 23, 2007

NYT Has Proof....of....Er....Well.....

The NYT, in their unswerving efforts to prove they are all-knowing, all-seeing, and represent the views of a massive majority of citizens of...."NYTville", are continuing to offer what Ann Coulter calls "A Democrat Manual For Suicide!"

Somewhere yesterday a read this (paraphrased; sorry I cannot credit someone): The NYT, given their dive in circulation and stock values....$50 a share to $17 a share in two plus under no threat from Rupert Murdoch of a takeover....however there is fear Rupert's nanny might stage the takeover!

Space cadets continue to run the NYT...led by "Pinch" Sulzberger. They are truly running the NYT into the ground.

I often wonder what a buyout by a conservative dedicated to fair news coverage might do to a major would truly be interesting to see.


The Political Party of The Mean-Evil-Rich!....


Naw, it is not the terrible Republicans.....but the (We represent the poor!!!) Democrats.

TRUTH! - Read it!

Unfortunately perceptions offered by the media, and of course the Democrat party, perpetuate the untrue ideas about which party actually represents which group of people.

My fear is the government-educated who actually believe the MSM and their stories.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

& Here's To Beer!

Email from a friend:

A recent study found the average American walks about 900 miles year.

Another study found Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of beer a year.

That means, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon.

Kind Of Makes You Proud To Be American!

COOL!!! Kind of like the Steven Wright bit: "24 hours in a day....24 beers in a case...Coincidence?"


"People Don't Stop Killers, People With Guns Do!"

Professor Reynolds explains this new effort.

Nice new phrase that should be a best-selling bumper sticker.

Time to reassert the right to self defense.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Surge A Huge Sucess! - War On Terror Also.....MSM is SILENT!

No real surprise.....

Gateway Pundit offers proof.

The really sad thing for Democrats and the MSM is, they cannot even whine and cry about losing their "defeat/RUN/Lose!" efforts. If they did, it would publicize the victory going on even more....

The amazing thing to me is the number of folks fooled by the MSM efforts to insure loss. They cannot even take the time to compare old wars to this one, and realize it is hugely successful, in spite of many Bush missteps!

Wonder how long it will take the public to catch up...or if they will at all.


Monday, November 19, 2007

"The Magical Hysteria Tour" of Al Gore

Phil Valentine, in the Tennessean speaks out on the idiocy!

Why folks buy snake oil from snake oil salesmen is beyond me. There are many, many top scientists who disagree about man causing any change. Of course, just for his own convenience AlGore ignores those and pronounces the discussion "over." That makes it very nice as he then is never compelled to discuss or debate this. He simply pontificates.

He has numbers of open invitations from notables to debate...but that would give creedance to the fact there was two sides to the issue. Can't have that going on.

Wise up people. Look at all the stories...many available only on the web as the MSM loves a great story of gloom and doom, and thus follows AlGore's line to a T.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Not In The MSM!!!

Iraq The Model blog site has the truth you will not see/hear in the media about another major BUST in Iraq that is saving lives!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

President Bush's Retirement Plans!

After 8 long years of the most difficult times probably experienced since WWII, GWB has announced his plans for retirement.

What a G-R-E-A-T Idea!!!

I think I'll start my own oceanfront purchase group!


p.s. For the Government educated...IT IS satire!

Internet Control - Fred is THERE!

OK...I am admittedly a Fred Thompson fan......

BUT WE of the blogs need to pay attention to this one!!!!!

With Democrats opposed to talk radio...they cannot control a propensity for conservative success vs liberal failure...they also would like to regulate/control the internet.

Fred has some FINE IDEAS about why NOT to let the UN get involved.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Outta Here for Now!

We're on the road for Thanksgiving in our motorhome......

Follow the trip and my pictures at my blog & Then I Bought an RV!

We're visiting a home of mine from 60 plus years ago in Alabama, and traveling West via the Natchez Trace Parkway.


From The "WTF" Department!!!!

Our "PC" Friends are busy again....this time they are in the hunt to eliminate any form of collections by Boy Scouts for our troops......

"It Is A Political Statement!"

The stand of those opposed is Bull Shit....pure and simple, but it prevailed!

Read it....Weep....

Then yell loud and long, and make sure it does not happen in your area!

Sickness that will cost us this country is afoot, my friends.....if you believe not, then you are part of the problem.!!!!!!!

I am sad this evening....


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

AARP = "Ain't Anybody Really Polling!"

Been a member of this organization since age 55 (it'll be ten years within a couple of months!).

I utilize the card for discounts on campgrounds, and other items.....

I remain completely mystified how this group manages to make decisions on the official AARP positions. In my nearly ten years of membership I have never been asked how I felt; never polled on likes and dislikes; never given any opportunity to know who is really speaking for AARP!

I've asked people from friends who are members to fellow campers across more than 20 states, and even my on-line friends from high school. NOT ONE of them has ever been asked how they felt, or what they supported.

I am sure when AARP sets forth their opposition to changes in Social Security, or new or modified drug plans or medical coverage, they let the folks receiving their position know just how many AARP members there are. Too bad either NONE of us or VERY FEW of us get to make any comment or give any input to the positions.

My personal recommendation is that we form a group within AARP known as "AMPAA"

That, of course, would stand for "Ain't My Position At All"....

Membership would allow outside groups to note just how few folks are actually involved in those AARP positions!

IF AARP is going to throw around numbers, the least they could do is let their own membership BE INVOLVED in THEIR organization.....If, indeed, the Association of Retired Persons is just association....not a discount-membership organization playing politics!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cue The Spaceship Sounds!

There are LOTS of pilots who feel the government is avoiding looking into the possibility of UFOs as a real thing.

FOXNews, as usual, has details!

I am still a bit of the conservative here....BUT, that being said...there is a high degree of likelyhood that the UFOs are real.....

There are too many planets, too many star systems, too many galaxies for there to be nothing out there for us to find.......

We, as a people, are noisy as hell on a cosmic scale....TV/Radio/Sounds of all kinds are broadcast from our little orb with an intensity that is scary!

I do believe there are others out there....even if we do not recognize them as beings...

We are NOT alone!


A Book You Need To Read!

Buy it, and read VERY, VERY Afraid!

Those who have followed the trail of deceit and lying of the Clintons.....BOTH Clintons.....Know this truth.....

Clintons will do ANYTHING, say ANYTHING, to stop folks who are not onboard with their fairytale of "A New Camelot!" Most Unfortunately for her, and perhaps most fortuitous for us, Hillary is NOTHING like Bill in the charm department. Her smile is so fake and painted as to be horrific...her words are always parsed, and she has NO POSITION on major design.......Just remember she has the ability to provide an accent for EVERY crowd....from Spanish to Southern to Black.....she feels an accent ingratiates her to the current group.... The problem with this approach is.....the times have changed. EVERYTHING she does will be provided by the blogs....and she will be seen much more the USER and much less the real person!

If you take no position, you can supposedly not offend anyone!

W-R-O-N-G! You can offend EVERYONE!

We, the unwashed Hillary wishes to snow, are NOT stupid.....


Jena 6 Are Rolling In Dough!


Howard Witt tells the story of missing, or unaccounted-for hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Jena 6.

How neat........and what a tribute to those who ran yelling and screaming to take up their cause. I particularly liked the fact that the lone defendant still being charged has attorneys who have yet to receive ONE DOLLAR!

That speaks volumes.



One question I am often asked is "Where are your sources for the stories?"

As the source for any particular story may break any effort I make at explanation, this is a bit of an overview rather than an exacting list. That is to say, I stumble on stories from the strangest sources....sometimes from an email from one of the members of my high school email group. (Yes, some 40-60 of us from Pekin High School in Pekin, IL, stay in touch and exchange lots of things from remembrances of that high school time...most of us were classes 58 through current info on group member health problems and deaths, to political exchanges.)

However, that being said, many sources are regularly-read blogs which cover a lot of ground. So, in no particular order, here are some daily stops I make.....

Drudge Report - I used to find lots more real news here, but today find Drudge to sometimes come up with real leads to a story...but usually to be lost in a list of shock-magazine type stories.

Instapundit - The great God of blogdom... Professor Glenn Reynolds must be online 26-28 hours daily. He finds more interesting "stuff" to report than any other source I know. While i might not use a lot of his stories on my blog, I am fascinated by the myriad from literally hundreds of blogs.

Real Clear Politics - This editing organization searches the written word and post morning and afternoon lists of stories written by folks on their own pages, newspaper columnists, and many others. A great view of current writing on political things...with both Liberal and Conservative views well-represented.

Neal Boortz - Neal has the ire of all Liberals....or as they like to try to pass themselves off as "Progressives"...a term Neal and I find quite ludicrous in the face of the "Progressive" control of a Congress frozen in disbelief and lacking any substantive action. Neal is a Libertarian....not one of the screaming, bring on the drugs libertarians, but a true believer in the original precepts of this party. He shows my political beliefs more than anyone else.

Little Green Footballs - Charles Johnson manages to both provide great information, and also infuriate the FAR LEFT moonbats. I love both.

Michelle Malkin - Another whose conservative values, and coverage of moonbats idiocy provides lots of entertainment as well as unmasking the hypocrisy of the far left. Also, she is cute and on TV in frequent visits she can hold her own against any of the lunatics from the Left.

Captain's Quarters - Written by a fellow with whom I disagree on some issues, but with whom I have had great exchanges via email and in blogs. Ed is a great writer and reporter....capable of finding the story in detail. His blog talk radio is also something showing a new direction for bloggers.

I could go on for some time, but will call a halt there except for a few mentions.... Hugh Hewitt, Power Line, Patterico's Pontifications, WizBang, and many more who provide me with literally hours of news/views and fun each day.

If you have not yet compiled a favorites folder for so today.


Monday, November 12, 2007

"Those Boys" Tough on Hillary! - Bill Speaks

The Clintons cannot go quietly into ANY night!

After the fiasco of her last debate they fight on as if they were victims rather than Hillary simply being caught red-handed with no position.

Now Bill continues the "Boys-Against-Hillary" theme In this FOX piece...

My question is not has been asked already by many.....If elected President, will Hillary go crying about her treatment by "guys" running other countries? Of course not......she has Bill to do that for her!

I am, I guess, most saddened by the number of folks who cannot see the Clintons playing their game......even though she has not the finesse nor "Aw Gosh!" good-old-boy talents of Wet Willy!

Guess he is still covering the tracks for her......The next few debates will be interesting!


P C Rot!

This tells the tale we need to hear....the tale of Rampant Political Correctness ROT at our Universities!

Stuart Taylor, Jr. writes and tells it like it IS!

One of my fears is the climate created by the academia of today making most of our national values into fodder for "wrongness".....& more.


This Is Too Easy!

Hillary & Wet Willy have presented a veritable plethora of opportunities for posts over the past two weeks........It is almost like a gift package for the folks who have understood just how bad this woman is.

Her debate fiasco was a great beginning.....

Then the spin began.....from three groups.....

Hillary herself who was playing the female card....oppsie!

Bill played the "Like Swiftboating" card....

Her campaign decided a day or two later she was for the illegal NY driver license....Except 70% of New Yorkers are opposed to it.

She cannot decide where she stands on illegals generally.....

She wishes to run "on her record"....but She and Bill have those locked up tighter than a drum. NOOOO, Don't give me the BS Bill puts out about telling the records folk they can release everything......He left a laundry list of exceptions which includes literally everything she has ever written or said. REAL PRIDE in her record!

How this woman can still lead any poll is way beyond me.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hillary "Plants" Growing......

A 2nd reported plant of someone prevailed upon to ask Hillary a specific question. Details are around the blogs.....

I predict here and now.....


It speaks to competency, capability, and much more about Hillary, the candidate.

Funny thing in the 2nd episode.....after the person asked to present the question declined it seems amazingly Hillary ran out of time for questions at all....HUMMMMM!

Ya Gotta Love It!



A Reminder!

1st We have Turkey.....then......


Friday, November 09, 2007

Hillary Sez Ask Me - But It MUST Be MY Question!

The Hillary campaign suffered another arrow-of-indignity in the campaign!

FOX has it all......

This should be a really, really fine campaign of Hillary gaffs.....

Love it, cannot wait for the next one....wish I could write this stuff as well as she seems able to produce it!

Hillary will be beaten by her gaffs.....

I promise!


Why I am With Fred & Not Rudy!

It is fairly simple, and Michelle Malkin states it clearly:

"Three years ago, the conventional wisdom from many parts of the NYC-DC punditocracy was that Giuliani’s Kerik problem wouldn’t matter in the ‘08 presidential election.

It does.

The grass-roots conservative base is sick and tired of cronyism and open-borders arrogance–two traits that dominate the Bush White House, two traits on naked display in the intertwined fates of Rudy Giuliani and Bernie Kerik, two traits that dangerously undermine public confidence and public safety.

If Republicans are going to decide that Giuliani is the best standard-bearer for the party, they better do so with eyes wide open and absolute candor. He is–at best–only marginally better than Hillary Clinton on immigration and border security. He was a bad judge of character at a key moment in the Department of Homeland Security’s history. And despite his lip service and cable TV-friendly talking points, he remains obstinately committed to non-enforcement of immigration laws when push comes to shove."

There's a lot more about Guiliani, Kerik and the GOP in Michelle's complete story.

Fred is the strongest in my mind. I cannot ever accept McCain....he has way too many strikes against him. I do believe Guiliani has some strong points, but feel Fred is most likely to generate real grass-roots conservative support & VOTES!


Finally A Democrat Gets It! - Oh, Well Of Course It's Lieberman!

Senator Lieberman takes his own party to task......In This FOX Report...

You'd think some additional Democrats, you know the MAJORITY party, would check this story...look at their ratings which lag far behind GWB, and take a hint to actually consider some topic other than what they can do to blame Bush.

These folks are not only clueless now, but in Nov. 08 they will lose the object of their attention, and then stand around picking their noses til they find a new object to hate.

If they'd ever actually try working openly with the GOP where both could accomplish something this session, they'd probably gain a good bit in the ratings. Don't hold your breath.

Remember this is the party that yelled til they were blue in the face about corruption, lack of action, and lots of other things until they gained the majority. Now they just yell til their blue in the face about corruption, lack of action, and lots of other things!

Way too funny.


Thursday, November 08, 2007


Even as they paraded about chanting "PORK-PORK-PORK!" The Senate passed the veto-override of President Bush's Veto of the bill which marks the latest entry into the "WE SPEND-WE SPEND!" gallery of political chaos and idiocy in the Senate and House......OUR Magnificent Congress!!!!!

Let me see.....well, 1st, here is the story....AS FOX COVERS IT!

Then there are the questions....

The Senate and House passed original bills of 14 and 15 BILLION!

Then, the MIGHTY caucus of the two august bodies met.....and they decided the 14.5 (average of House and Senate bills) Billion should be.......23 BILLION!!!!!

OK Then....Let us spend-spend-spend!!!!!

I believe the correct answer is....



WE Cannot Afford Them!!!!


A Pulitzer Prize Moment? - Could Be!!!!

Michael Yon provides the photo...Magnificent!
This picture....a cooperative Islam/Israeli Moment....could well be headed for Pulitzer recognition!

Instapundit provides the coverage!

What a fine moment....and it was really nice no Islamic Terrorists dropped by to try to kill eveyone involved!

There is is just sometimes really, really hard to see it!


Democrat Majority Leader Hoyer - "Surge Working....BUT WE Thought of It!!!

How terribly predictable is this one?

Steny Hoyer (D-Laa-Laa-Land) announces the success of the surge, and takes credit for it all with a straight face!

Guess I wonder what happened to the "failed label" provided by DEMs before the surge worked...

Oh, and notice how he weaves in the fact we lost more soldiers this year than ever...despite the much lower levels for the past 4 months.

If it is GWB's idea, it sucks...even if it works!


Things That Offend Muslims!


I never knew there were soooooo many!

I mean, we hear of things such as cartoons, and such....BUT....

This is just too much!
At the AMBOY TIMES details...

AND, I mean details....If you follow all the links you'll be busy til hell freezes over!

If you can read this and still speak in favor of the liberal "just be nice & they will too" dogma.....well, let me just say you are wearing blinders which have completely covered your eyes!


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Without Farm Subsidies I Could Not Collect Millions!

ER....Well, you know what I mean.....

YEAH...I do!


What a surprise....Congressmen and Senators at the Feed Trough!

Oh My Gosh...


PORK is Pork...Oh Yeah!

The story is THIS...& YOU NEED to read it!

The pork issue should resonate among ALL voters.....WE are the funders of PORK... WE are the folks whose chain is jerked by these "free-spenders" of the Senate and House!



O.K....Let Me Consider This (& Get Assailed By The PC Police!)

We have a riot in L.A.

There are 20 plus women involved. They fight, and then one woman is killed....

One of the names involved is "Unique Bishop"....

What tells me we are not dealing here with white anglo-saxon folk?


Just intuition...but you'd never know there was the theme of any race involved...not from the coverage...Guess Who Dearie!


Thompson "Guns" For A Win!

Fred Thompson has found a stump on which to stand in his quest for the win in New Hampshire....

READ HERE & Learn of his Long-Time Gun Position!

He is still my man, and I feel increasingly that his message is resonating among the voters in the primary states!

(Note: I support him, and despite the statement in my ad for him on this site....I am NOT PAID for anything......)


"In God We Trust!" Remains In Bakersfield Schools!

This is a small win in a LARGE battle......

FOXNews has the need to read.

Schools across America are being used by Liberal idiotarians to preach the gospel of multiculturalism....and to ignore the roots of this country!

It is time we took back our "Government Schools" from the liberals who wish Socialism/Communism were the watchword of the day.

I want my grandchildren to know AMERICA and its origin....not the idiocy of liberal dogma about how we are all equal.....and no one needs to make a profit. BS! Free Enterprise is what makes America GO!

Get with the plan Stan, and decide when we take back our schools.....


Illegals Get Driver Licenses - Voters Get Angry!

Hillary has probably deeply wounded herself.

Illegal Driver Licenses, as proposed by Governor Pataki & endorsed by Hillary, are going to prove costly rather than positive at the polls!

In the Washington Times Stephen Dinan explains.

I sincerely hope this is true.....and from everything i hear out and about in Tampa, I am sure it is. Anger is growing over illegals and their cost to us.

UPDATE: 77% oppose the driver license move by NY, according to THIS POLL!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Help Me ! - Help Me !!!! I am Hillary, and I Can't Get Up!

Hilldabeast has finally found a means of exposing her "soft-side"....It was NOT her decision; not her idea at all....but that of the media once she found cause to exhibit her arguments about the "FAILED-DEBATE!"

GOLLY you have to read this!

Yes, and enjoy as Hildabeast kills her chances with twists and turns in the wind....

Love It!


Islamic Ideas Squashed!

This piece is MAR-VEL-OUS!!!

You need to hear it....ALL the way through!

If you did not....GO BACK and do it again!

Nuff Said


"In God We Trust!" It's On The Dollar, But Perhaps NOT In These Classrooms!

This is beyond the pale.....

FOXNews has details....

Idiocy at the best. Complete anti-American at the worst!

WE are a nation "Under God".......we were founded for religious FREEDOM.....NOT the elimination of religion!

Political Correctness may yet be the death knell of our society.

These folks who espouse the elimination of all things they consider politically incorrect are really socialist by any other standard. All men are created their is just that they are a BIT more equal than most! (Thank you Owell for the thought!)

God I hate the position we need take today to just be citizens of the greatest experiment in democracy ever.....anywhere, anytime.....


Al Qaeda Likes News Coverage Poll Reveals

That seems to be the fact.......

Scott Ott has details at ScrappleFace.

Just a note for those "edumacated at gov-mint schools"......ScrappleFace is mostly satire! So, please do not go off on a rant!


For The Do-Gooders & Non-Believers!

Many still proclaim loudly that our action to remove the Taliban from power in Afghanistan produced nothing worthwhile and left the country a poppy-producer extraordinaire with no redeeming qualities.

Ah, but I disagree....and for our complaining friends here is the story of saving 90,000 children's lives annually....details from Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters.

This topic can also be shifted to include remember Iraq.....the country that used to be on the lips of every Defeatocrat....the country which sees violence falling by the month against both our soldiers and their citizens. In Iraq many good things are also happening. New schools being built, roads repaired, sports arenas provided, etc. Somehow those things just do not make the MSM broadcasts/papers. Guess their new motto is:

"No news that's good news is news!"


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pro Bowl...Not Sure Why Now????

What can I say.....

I know not why this came to mind this evening... BUT it is something of importance to me and my life....

In 2004 (FALL) Son, Lil Duke, called from his Jacksonvillee, FL home and announced that he and I were going to the Pro Bowl, Hawaii!


Well, given four months of experience I found he was THE game person in a certain Jax gaming spot where the NFL had set up a challenge for the chance to obtain two tickets to Pro Bowl plus plane, plus hotel, plus, plus! NOT just tickets, but TICKETS OF IMPORTANCE!

It turns out the game of his choice was the game to decide the ticket awards.

January of 2005 I got his call... HE WON!

We went to Hawaii for the game, taking along the Duchess, and his Fiance (now wife), and had a wonderful 5 day adventure......Just a clip for us......just a clip of life...just a clip of the possibilities of life.....

But a memory forever! Lovely....and one thing I shall forever remember!


Update: Well, given my sudden idea of rememberance...I must give more details of the trip....To come: Pics of the trip; What we lived, and did, etc.

& Just Why Is That??????

Great question.....

Check Instapundit....

The problem is......W-H-A-T????

Think folks....just think!

Oh, and WHY are we still funding the U.N.?


Sherwood Forest In Trouble!

MAJOR OAK of Sherwood! One of the landmark trees of ancient oaks in Sherwood.

The story is not something least if you accept the development of today...BUT it is sad, truly sad. The center of one of the most compelling stories of our English heritage is indeed in trouble.

Check FOXNews for the story.

Even FOX editors allow the gratuitous insert of a phrase seeming to connect GW to the decline of the forest....with no proof, no indication it is true at all. That is almost as sad as the story itself.

WHY cannot we protect our heritage?

Many National forests in the USA are a tribute to Teddy Roosevelt and many since....BUT there are still a number of losses we suffer each year.

Time is the real culprit. We could NEVER have saved the dinosaurs nor many things lost forever since then. However, there is always the newness of things growing today which did not exist. These, usually yet unidentified places, are the secret to a changing Earth and a new heritage for us to envelope as our truth!

We must enjoy the newness, and help to protect the old....but be willing to part with the old when it becomes apparent times/situations change.


U.N. - "You Do Not Have A Right To Self-Defense!"

Read that headline again......

I am sorry to say folks, that is NOT a JOKE!

It is fact, and Fred Thompson, Presidential Candidate endorsed by this site, took on the U.N. over the position they have taken. Eugene Volokh tells the tale!

What do Y-O-U think about that folks?

Of course, our Constitution's second amendment protects our right to bear arms. The U.N. folks just want us to make nice and not defend ourselves....even if attacked. They better not come around my place to test this. I am sure there are many members of the NRA who agree!

Just wondering; but is there ANY point at which we will stop funding an organization so very-very un-American? I am sincerely tired of my tax dollars funding the idiotarians at the U.N.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

"KooK-Cinich Plans Implosion!" - But his wife is L-O-V-E-L-Y!

Guess I get easily distracted this campaign season as I find some of the candidate's wives just really, really least for photo purposes.....Prime among them are Kook-cinich and The Thompson (disclaimer...I have his ad on my ain't gettin a dime folks!)

However, the announcement by "KooK-cinich" that he will file papers to impeach Chaney just takes his idiotic campaign too far by at least a step or two......

The story H-E-R-E!!!

The facts are......

1. There is a snowball's-chance-in-hell of any impeachment filing getting traction. Against Bush or Cheney!

2. I still like his wife in photos.....I cannot tell if she be the pit-viper variety, or just a lovely being....from the photos!

Just a note....I been-there-done-that in the likable photos department! Usually this is a loser for we plebeians.....not sure about the political elite!

Nuff Said!


Wake Up & Smell The HIJABs!!!!!

The European folk are lost.....that includes, by the way, the Scandinavian public who remain silent even as their elected/appointed idiotarians sell them out to make the Islamic folk "Comfortable"......

Just go and R-E-A-D!!!

Then either get really, really upset....OR....get ready for the Hijab as your daughter's dress!

This stuff is not some abstract form of expression is real, and these Islamic folks believe...usually in Europe, and even possibly in the US of A, that they can force us...using our laws of Political adopt their lifestyle...

What the HELL do our liberal side find acceptable about this??????

What the HELL do they feel we must give up before we are OK by international standards?


That is what!

If you feel less...then you are also an ostrich in the area of our country and its history and Constitution!


Note: MSM Ignore This! - Oh Wait, I Don't Have To Tell Them....They Will Automatically!

The news from Iraq is currently the #1 cause of potential ulcers among MSM executives and reporters! That is not surprising given: THIS FOXNews story of Reality In Iraq!

Do I hear echoes of the Harry Reid cry of "Iraq is LOST!"?????

Thanks Harry/Nancy/Ted/et al!

Now the clarion call is the muddled "We must change course in Iraq!" what???? and Why must we when we are WINNING!!!!

Great the MSM will N-E-V-E-R pose to the see the MSM is completely, absolutely invested in a failure in Iraq....more so perhaps than even the Defeatocrats!

Ya Gotta Love It!!!!!! I know I DO!


This Bill Is.........

50% Lard!!!!!

Why does not GWB explain this as just what it is?

The House and Senate passed water bills......One at $14 Billion....the 2nd at $15 Billion.

The Conference Committee tried to connect the two....and they DAMN NEAR DID!

They produced a new bill of $23 BILLION!

That is 50% higher than the original from either the Senate or the House!


Contact your Senators and Congressman and complain at the rampant overspending vis-a-vis PORK! Bush VETOED the bill.....the majority of DEMS and Many GOPs are ready to vote FOR this travesty of spending!


Bush (& Clinton) Lied - People Died?

The 1st time I have seen this myth, largely created by a combination of Democrat lies and MSM adherence to the anti-GWB mantra, exploded in F-A-C-T-S! You know, those ugly things that tell a real story....not the hate-bias-induced droning of MSM!

The Anchoress tells the story, and it is a real tune you can actually hum along with!

I am firmly convinced this country is in an abysmal shape, by way of citizen attitude, largely due MSM lies, bias and creation of their own version of the facts. They have delivered to the liberal cause (DEMS) a nice shiny false-world which meets the needs of the liberals to pursue destruction of this democracy!

An impartial press would prevent this, and for the past 3-4 decades the MSM have consistently drifted further and further left. In addition they have abandoned any pretense of principles about investigative reporting, and exposure of both sides in any story. They deliver today pure editorialization varnished as reporting.

They have caused this country more harm here and abroad than any political efforts... though the Democrat complicity in their efforts has left them a party of criticism, with little to no hope of ever providing actual progress. If you don't believe this, then explain to me the current Democrat-run congress....and, NO, It is NOT Bush's fault they have not is theirs and theirs alone.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Congressional Math.....OH-MY-GOD!

Let me see......One body approves a $14 Billion bill....the other a $15 Billion bill. Then it is off to the conference committee to resolve differences......The result is....

A $23 BILLION BILL!!!!!??????

Capt. Ed has details of this fiasco!

The need to elect an ENTIRE NEW Congress in 2008 is obvious!

Oh Man is it!


From The "He Won't Take A Stand On What He Does Not Know!" File......

Mukasey is coming clean....and showing truth as his standard. That angers the HELL out of the Dems.

Instapundit explains!

The Dems....always ready to jump on anyone who will not completely toe their line.... even if they have no access to where the line is!

What neat folks, these plans (except to tax/spend), but LOTS & LOTS of complaints with no solutions offered!

They have already proven, vis-a-vis the current Congress they "Control", that if given power then they do not know what to do with it, except to call for taxes on everything...

What a sad lot they are. Their primary position of power is sniping at the GOP for anything they and GWB do.....given the chance to actually control and achieve they fold like a bad cardboard tent in a storm!


From The Media Bias File......

"The War Is Going Well.....Story and headline on page 18!"

Thanks WaPo for getting it together.....somewhere in your space.

Wanna see the priorities of the MSM? Check this GOOD NEWS post!

Obviously the MSM still believe no one checks to see the relevance of their stories AND their story placement! W-R-O-N-G!


Wahhhhhh! Wahhhhh! - GWB Is The Big Bad Ogre!

Democrat leader Nancy (I Missed the Point!) Pelosi (D-Scary Lady!) is boo-hooing all over about lack of Congressional achievement......and of course it is George W. Bush's fault!

Neal Boortz again (can you tell I love his straight-at-you non-BS attitude?):


Nancy Pelosi is unhappy. She says that if a pollster asked her what she thought of Congress, she would be one of those people who said Congress is doing a lousy job. She’s upset because Congress hasn’t done anything … but what she really means is that she hasn’t ended the war in Iraq.

Of course, in typical Democrat fashion, she blames Congress’ lousy job on President Bush and the Republicans. While Pelosi’s Congress hasn’t done anything, she says that “there is no question that the war in Iraq has eclipsed much of what we have done." Got it? War in Iraq … President Bush … Republicans. Not one ounce of responsibility actually falls on her or her party. That’s government for you.

By the way … that “much of what we have done” line. Can she fill us in there?

It’s not only the public that is dissatisfied. President Bush also chastised Congress for its failure to do anything. He says that Democratic leaders are stalling important aspects of his fight against Islamic extremism … dragging out Mike Mukasey’s confirmation is the obvious. Congress has also failed to act on a bill on eavesdropping on terrorist suspects, and it has been slow to approve spending for the war against Islamic extremism, the Pentagon, and veterans programs.

Oh .. almost forgot. This congress has set an all-time record in failing to send even one budget bill to the president’s desk. Durned Republicans.

Bush says that the current debate over Iraq is similar to when Lenin first talked of launching a communist revolution, when Hitler began to establish an “Aryan superstate,” and when people wanted to appease the Soviet Union rather than compete with it during the Cold War. Appeasers in those days denied that we were at war also. We see how that worked out."

Nuff Said......Pelosi and Reid are bad jokes foisted upon a gullible American public...admittedly perplexed by GOP spending!


Where's Florida In This?

States are enacting new laws to move illegals out of their territory. Time for Florida to do the same.....

Here are DETAILS on the new laws....and planned laws.

Florida, for some reason, has a strong aversion to this type of law. Guess it might be the strong Miami/Middle State Farmer coalition!

Shame....If we end up the haven for illegals from other states which are making the process difficult for them and their employers then I'll probably get out. Taxes rising quickly; insurance almost impossible to obtain and pay for; now a landing ground for illegals.

No Way Jose!!!


UPDATE: Here is today's Neal Boortz take on the expanded enforcement.....

Just read an article. The States are turning up the heat on illegal aliens. The federal government refused to do it, so now this country is operating more along the ways our founding fathers envisioned. The states are stepping in to do the job where the national politicians refuse to act. Good stuff.

By the way .. .I’m so sick to death of the politically correct “undocumented worker” or “undocumented immigrant” crap. They crossed the border illegally, they remain here illegally, they work here illegally, and we pay them off with this “undocumented” nonsense. They’re ILLEGALS. Call them what they are! Calling an illegal alien an “undocumented worker” is like calling your neighborhood heroin dealer an “unlicensed pharmacist.”

Every time I read a story that these illegals are feeling put upon, I break out into a big, wide grin. Lovin’ it."


Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Iraq Story You Should Hear From The MSM

This IS Journalism... not MSM biased-agenda-driven BS!

We've had the great Journos from past wars....stories of individuals...of campaigns...of terror, of humor, of critical happenings.

This war we have MSM interest in securing the defeat in which they are so highly invested.


"Help Me! - I've Stumbled & Need M-O-N-E-Y to Get Back On Top!"

This is sooooo very, very rich. Fanally the MSM cannot ignore the missteps of Hillary. They are finding her Kerryesque stumbles in the most-recent debate simply revealing of a lack of firm position on numerous topics.

Her reaction? "Just Send Money!" Captain Ed captures the story well.


Good on ya Hill.....Glad to see the hounds begin nipping at your heels!


Tampa Tribune Off In Liberal LaLa Land!

I read the Tampa Tribune most mornings....when home. This past two weeks I have read it about every third day as we are at the beach and the person who fills our paper box out front of the resort either does not arrive here in Madeira Beach, or does so about mid-day after I have read the substitute St. Pete Times (equally liberal).

The liberal bent of the Trib is obvious. Today we learn (those of us who look for the real news) that deaths of citizens and US Soldiers in Iraq are down FOR A 4TH MONTH! They are down by a sizeable amount. The Trib leads page 1 with the story of Florida/Georgia/Alabama fights over water rights. They also managed to find front page space to tell the tale of a man on-the-run for 28 years...caught here in Tampa.

However, the 6 paragraph article on the real lead....deaths dropping in Iraq....makes its appearance in the last page of section 1, and on the far right column. Guess I'll go back a few editions, you know when we were losing so many citizens and soldiers, so I can check where stories ran about those deaths.

Anyone wanna bet me about the placement of those stories?



Oh WOW! - Check How Teacher's Unions Are Helping The Work Force Grow!

Scott Ott takes a really fine tongue-in-cheek look at this supposed reaction to the recent study of our failing public (government) education system.

While the story is humerous, the topic is not....and the teachers unions actually believe they are doing a great job....what they are accomplishing beyond sending youth out into the world poorly prepared is unknown to this writer.