Monday, November 12, 2007

"Those Boys" Tough on Hillary! - Bill Speaks

The Clintons cannot go quietly into ANY night!

After the fiasco of her last debate they fight on as if they were victims rather than Hillary simply being caught red-handed with no position.

Now Bill continues the "Boys-Against-Hillary" theme In this FOX piece...

My question is not has been asked already by many.....If elected President, will Hillary go crying about her treatment by "guys" running other countries? Of course not......she has Bill to do that for her!

I am, I guess, most saddened by the number of folks who cannot see the Clintons playing their game......even though she has not the finesse nor "Aw Gosh!" good-old-boy talents of Wet Willy!

Guess he is still covering the tracks for her......The next few debates will be interesting!