Friday, November 09, 2007

Why I am With Fred & Not Rudy!

It is fairly simple, and Michelle Malkin states it clearly:

"Three years ago, the conventional wisdom from many parts of the NYC-DC punditocracy was that Giuliani’s Kerik problem wouldn’t matter in the ‘08 presidential election.

It does.

The grass-roots conservative base is sick and tired of cronyism and open-borders arrogance–two traits that dominate the Bush White House, two traits on naked display in the intertwined fates of Rudy Giuliani and Bernie Kerik, two traits that dangerously undermine public confidence and public safety.

If Republicans are going to decide that Giuliani is the best standard-bearer for the party, they better do so with eyes wide open and absolute candor. He is–at best–only marginally better than Hillary Clinton on immigration and border security. He was a bad judge of character at a key moment in the Department of Homeland Security’s history. And despite his lip service and cable TV-friendly talking points, he remains obstinately committed to non-enforcement of immigration laws when push comes to shove."

There's a lot more about Guiliani, Kerik and the GOP in Michelle's complete story.

Fred is the strongest in my mind. I cannot ever accept McCain....he has way too many strikes against him. I do believe Guiliani has some strong points, but feel Fred is most likely to generate real grass-roots conservative support & VOTES!