Monday, November 05, 2007

For The Do-Gooders & Non-Believers!

Many still proclaim loudly that our action to remove the Taliban from power in Afghanistan produced nothing worthwhile and left the country a poppy-producer extraordinaire with no redeeming qualities.

Ah, but I disagree....and for our complaining friends here is the story of saving 90,000 children's lives annually....details from Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters.

This topic can also be shifted to include remember Iraq.....the country that used to be on the lips of every Defeatocrat....the country which sees violence falling by the month against both our soldiers and their citizens. In Iraq many good things are also happening. New schools being built, roads repaired, sports arenas provided, etc. Somehow those things just do not make the MSM broadcasts/papers. Guess their new motto is:

"No news that's good news is news!"