Saturday, November 03, 2007

Wake Up & Smell The HIJABs!!!!!

The European folk are lost.....that includes, by the way, the Scandinavian public who remain silent even as their elected/appointed idiotarians sell them out to make the Islamic folk "Comfortable"......

Just go and R-E-A-D!!!

Then either get really, really upset....OR....get ready for the Hijab as your daughter's dress!

This stuff is not some abstract form of expression is real, and these Islamic folks believe...usually in Europe, and even possibly in the US of A, that they can force us...using our laws of Political adopt their lifestyle...

What the HELL do our liberal side find acceptable about this??????

What the HELL do they feel we must give up before we are OK by international standards?


That is what!

If you feel less...then you are also an ostrich in the area of our country and its history and Constitution!