Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bush (& Clinton) Lied - People Died?

The 1st time I have seen this myth, largely created by a combination of Democrat lies and MSM adherence to the anti-GWB mantra, exploded in F-A-C-T-S! You know, those ugly things that tell a real story....not the hate-bias-induced droning of MSM!

The Anchoress tells the story, and it is a real tune you can actually hum along with!

I am firmly convinced this country is in an abysmal shape, by way of citizen attitude, largely due MSM lies, bias and creation of their own version of the facts. They have delivered to the liberal cause (DEMS) a nice shiny false-world which meets the needs of the liberals to pursue destruction of this democracy!

An impartial press would prevent this, and for the past 3-4 decades the MSM have consistently drifted further and further left. In addition they have abandoned any pretense of principles about investigative reporting, and exposure of both sides in any story. They deliver today pure editorialization varnished as reporting.

They have caused this country more harm here and abroad than any political efforts... though the Democrat complicity in their efforts has left them a party of criticism, with little to no hope of ever providing actual progress. If you don't believe this, then explain to me the current Democrat-run congress....and, NO, It is NOT Bush's fault they have not is theirs and theirs alone.