Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tampa Tribune Off In Liberal LaLa Land!

I read the Tampa Tribune most mornings....when home. This past two weeks I have read it about every third day as we are at the beach and the person who fills our paper box out front of the resort either does not arrive here in Madeira Beach, or does so about mid-day after I have read the substitute St. Pete Times (equally liberal).

The liberal bent of the Trib is obvious. Today we learn (those of us who look for the real news) that deaths of citizens and US Soldiers in Iraq are down FOR A 4TH MONTH! They are down by a sizeable amount. The Trib leads page 1 with the story of Florida/Georgia/Alabama fights over water rights. They also managed to find front page space to tell the tale of a man on-the-run for 28 years...caught here in Tampa.

However, the 6 paragraph article on the real lead....deaths dropping in Iraq....makes its appearance in the last page of section 1, and on the far right column. Guess I'll go back a few editions, you know when we were losing so many citizens and soldiers, so I can check where stories ran about those deaths.

Anyone wanna bet me about the placement of those stories?