Friday, October 19, 2007

"Won't You Take Me To...Chinatown?" - Hillary continues to reap $ from "small folk"

I remember the song and the lovely young females who sang it....(just not their name!) They, of course referred to "Won't You Take me To Funky Town" much similar is this?

This is such a great story, and it will likely never grow beyond the BLOGS.

BUT---It is a definition of the Hildabeast in action.....

Michelle, My Gal, Malkin, has details!

If this grows as it has so far....despite the MSM aversion to anything will be H-U-G-E.....

There is much fertile ground yet for the dissemination of info available about this woman....and her many, many involvements in finance which have later been denied....

Let us hope it all comes out and we enjoy the results of truth in Hillary-busting!

Unfortunately, I find so many folks who believe the Clintons have fingers into Executive/Judicial/Legislative branches, that they are impervious to any form of actual prosecution.

How does this happen? & They comment on the "teflon don"....hello....the Clintons have done more criminal stuff than anyone else and they seem impervious to any form of prosecution. Guess they keep tabs on the folks who could hurt them, and have hammers over all their heads!