Friday, October 19, 2007

Who Got De Votes????

Does anyone else see the possibility here for some extraordinarily convoluted processes in the 2008 primary?

Florida and Michigan have told the DNC to "fxxx-off".....They are tired of a few really, really small states having so much say in the primary process. I believe they are right in this, by the way.

The DNC, in full command of screwing up everything, has told the states which have chosen the earlier primary for their populous states that they are no longer counted in selecting a candidate. This has given the Democrat voters in these two LARGE voter states cause for the pause as they begin to feel ignored and disaffected by the national party.

The DNC has a death wish. They will be "RIGHT" at any cost. They will tell Democrats in LARGE states to take a hike! They will lose a L-O-T of voters to either non-voting, or crossing the line....

Much of this will be determined by how much the GOP does to assuage the voters in those two states. Will the GOP also take the DEM path of slapping down the voters to insure small-state control of the early primaries. If so, then the two parties both share blame and accountability for their ignoring of voters in BIG states!

If, however, the GOP finds a way to go along with maverick states who have decided to vote early, they may well win over LOTS of DEM voters to the idea of feeling important as opposed to impotent in these swing states which often decide elections.

Hello...GOP....Are YOU listening?

Are you capable of stepping outside the rigid format of the national party to reap a harvest from the DEM debacle? OR....will you join it?

Just wondering!