Thursday, October 18, 2007

PC'd to Death By Thirst?????

Sound drastic to you.....It is R-E-A-L!

If YOU don't know the story read here!

Now we apparently have the feds following one of the idiot laws which protect some form of animal life....even if it could eliminate the water supply for ATLANTA!

Folks, you have heard me blast out on PC stuff before. This one goes way beyond any form of reasonable.

Atlanta has only days of water left, and the Corp of know, the guys who built the levees in New Orleans, is going to follow a law....even if it kills people!

I used to like the corp, but it has become so incestuous about projects and funding that they will do ANYTHING to perpetuate an operation/funding.

Their 1st priority is keeping the money flowing....then, they will address projects. Then, they will address other things know....L-I-F-E!

If the feds don't step in here NOW, then I go along with Neal Boortz' call for the State of Georgia to wrest control from the feds at gun point. Time for the federales to begin to re-learn state's rights....that archaic know the is in our CONSTITUTION!