Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Surveilance By Me is OKEY DOKEY - By Govt. is B-A-D!

The Hildabeast comes forward with her true feelings of "I am much more equal than you!"

Captain Ed of Captain's Quarters exposes the two-level fraud of Hillary!

This woman knows no bounds in supporting whatever she/Wet Willy wish to do.....BUT, she cannot stand that the US protect itself by checking foreign calls!

I am afraid, very, very afraid......I truly believe the young women of the USA see Hillary as "The Woman" and cannot see the forest for the trees in regard to her actual socialist beliefs, and actions. If that be the case, then we may ALL pay for at least 4 years for her and her spend-spend-spend (entitlement) actions.

Good Bye good times in the economy.....hello higher unemployment, and a diving stock market (which this retiree cannot stomach!)