Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Want National Healthcare? - Buy Some Pliers!

The fact of failure, in almost every aspect, of National Health Care is ignored for the most part by the media. Canada, England, et al. The story is near-universal.

Neal Boortz on English dental care under a national system:


There is such a lack of government-provided dentists in England that some people have gone so far as to pull their own teeth. Some have used superglue to stick crowns back on. One man did 14 extractions on himself ... with pliers.

For a country that has grown reliant on government, government, government ... now patients are being forced to go to private dentists, which cost money. In fact 78% of people that went to private dentists say that they were there only because they couldn't find a National Health Service dentist. Only 15% were there because they wanted better treatment.

This study showed that 6% of patients resorted to self-treatment, and one out of every five people decided to fore-go dental work because of the cost. One of the study's researchers ran across three people in one morning alone that had pulled out their own teeth.

Here's where government shines. Over one-half of people said that new dentist contracts that the government introduced last year actually made quality of care worse. And 84% said that these changes failed to make it easier to find a dentist and be treated.

Almost half of all dentists say that they no longer take NHS patients.

Well .. that answers a lot of questions Americans have about our friends across the pond .. and it gives us another clear look at what things are going to be like in this country when we get Hillary's precious nationalized health care."

This should be so simple, but the liberals in this country have proven time and again that those who like being under government thumbs, as opposed to taking personal responsibility, will support such a move. Then we'll pay more and get lots less care.

Real shame!