Saturday, October 13, 2007

Main Stream Media Dissed By Retired General...

What did the MSM report about the dissing????

"Ex-General: Iraq A Nightmare For US!" (AP)

If you ever want to see agenda-driven media in full denial just read today's newspapers and the AP article headlined above. THEN.....Check out 'Ace of Spades' blog for truth. Equally strong in telling the truth is PowerLine blog.

Our Antique media....still serving as attack dogs for the liberal side, and glad to distort any story to fit the agenda...."News" has deteriorated to nothing more than editorials written as news.

"Ethics???? I don't see no Ethics!....What do they look like anyway? I remember something about journalism ethics....I think it was in a dusty old book in J school.....I Don't believe I read that part!"

As a former broadcast journalist (35 years ago), I am sickened by the media of today and welcome the blogs as a refreshing breath of fresh....honest air, even with all our warts! Better in my mind to see written materials perhaps less-polished than when delivered by the MSM, but certainly looking at both sides of an issue. & I am NOT saying bloggers are poor writers.....there are certainly many excellent writers in our midst.