Friday, October 12, 2007

"THE OWLGORE" To Win Nobel Peace (at ANY COST) Prize!

Joining the ranks of such peace-producers as Yassir Arafat & "Jimmah" Carter....OwlGore will be anointed the "God, Ain't I Wonderful" chief for the coming year....

How neat to be joining the class of "I sold the Idiots on it".....

This means another long step down the path of complete irrelevance for the Nobel. What a sad, sad descent into oblivion for what could truly be a magnificent award for PEACE to deserving people!

The news, just this week, produced English statements that the ploy to show the film to ALL English school kids would instead involve an attachment telling those kids there were 9 MAJOR errors in the to truth and accuracy in the content.

Is the world going mad, or just the Liberal elitists like Gore?