Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Have An Idea!....

Let's spend a TRILLION dollars (in the 1st 10 years!) on a cure for Global Warming; one that a) does next-to-nothing to cure anything, and; b) impacts our entire economic system with massive negatives!

This is NOT a joke folks.....At FOXNews, in a commentary, Steven Milloy tells the tale of this legislative fiasco-in-the-making!

Remember one thing when considering Global Warming....The biggest product of GW is the industry/research/legislation produced in answer to this supposed-man-made weather change.

Milloy is funded by big business. I give you that.....However, keep in mind that those rabid scientists/politicians, etc. who support the "man-is-bad-causes-GW" theory are funded by grants. No GW, no grants! There is a balance in this folks.....

We truly need to discount the folks such as AlGore running about shouting "The sky is falling!" even as they refuse to debate the issue of what is really going on. Their version of this is; we said it, it is true, therefore no debate needed.....just do as we say!

Any problem addressed in such a single-sided, and single-minded approach is NOT going to be solved....if it is even REALLY a problem!

I'll believe we need action when special-interest groups like politicians and grant-receiving "scientists" all sit down with those who feel we have not proven our involvement in the changes, and actually work toward a definitive look at the situation!