Tuesday, October 09, 2007

S-CHIP TV Ad Boy Has It Rough!

You had to have seen the 12 year old boy talking about his need for the S-CHIP program so he could have health care.

This joke is too rich for my blood......The kid, it turns out attends a PRIVATE School @ $20,000 per year with his sister (another $20,000 per year)......while they live in a house valued at just under $500,000 and his dad owns his own company which is housed in a $160,000 building dad also owns!

He has no healthcare coverage cause daddy is too cheap to buy it!

Catch the entire story over at Captain's Quarters!

Another Democratic fiasco.....selling a health coverage bill using a kid living the good life! WAY TOO FUNNY!

I am not sure how you feel about this, but I do not need to spend a chunk of my retirement income on health care for a rich kid!

Just you wait til Hildabeast gets in your pocket for her version of socialized medicine....It is coming folks, and then you can queue up as do the English and Canadians to wait for meager health care.


UPDATE: Yes, the family faced some serious injuries to family members over an accident. Does this mean they cannot afford insurance...even as they upgrade their home and operate their business....? Not in my book. They are following the Democrat-approved plan of "take as much free stuff as you can from government." After all....it is "FREE!"