Saturday, October 06, 2007

Feeling Comfortable About Our Intelligence???


Our government from a semi-blind and inchoherent CIA to an overly-cautious President and a less-than adequate Sec. of State almost blew it on the Syrian Nukes deal!

Meryl Yourish gives description to the keystone cops effort by that team that blew it on 9/11 and on WMD.

Our CIA is a world-wide laughing stock. Our President, the man who will do what is right, whimped out. Condi played conservative wait-and-see cat and mouse.

Isreal took the bit in the teeth and did what needed to be done.

Yeah, I'm real confident about national security and our government's ability to act. I am feeling a good bit like the government from Bush to Condi to CIA just pulled a Jimmy Carter on us!