Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hillary Gets The B-U-C-K-S!!!!!!

President Bush is right........there is no stopping the Hildabeast Express to the nomination for the Democrat Party!

The problem is, the Hildabeast is not ELECTABLE for the general populace!

Now, you can watch as the Hillary ("We are the President") gets her act into the full monty!

The act will be....."I am the answer to anyone, anywhere, anytime and in charge of making ALL things possible under my Presidency!"

This broad will cut us a new one if elected.....she wants to gut our economic engine....She wants all business to pay for anything and everything she proposes.... including $5,000 for each and every child born in the USA! That is something both un-fundable, and without any form of merit....(the Mexicans wish it so, and they would produce babies often and regularly!!!!!!)

Get a grip Hildabeast!

We, the electorate will NOT allow you into office as we cannot AFFORD YOU!