Monday, October 01, 2007

Education (Higher???) - If Youse Liberal, You O.K., If Not You No Speeka Dee Lan-guage!

Yeppers folks, that is the story.......

From the National Journal a GREAT look at the USA Higher-Education bias to the L-E-F-T.....By a MILE!!!!!

A Nugget from the piece, by Stuart Taylor, Jr., for you?????

"These episodes, and enough others to fill volumes, expose the double standard that many academics and journalists apply to free-speech controversies. Such people passionately champion the freedoms of liberals such as Chemerinsky and "dialogue" with America-haters such as Ahmadinejad. But they downplay, ignore, and in some cases support censorship of conservative and even centrist speakers.

Universities across America have thinly veiled speech codes, misleadingly called anti-"harassment" policies. These make it dangerous for students to say anything that might offend minorities, women, and gays."

We are sending our kids to these places????