Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Illegals....Here To Work???? READ THIS!

From Neal Boortz:


LA County has released figures which outline the actual cost of illegal immigrants. Remember that these figures are just for Los Angeles County and they are just for one month.

In the month of July, illegal immigrants and their families collected over $35 million in welfare and food stamps. $20 million in welfare and $15 million in food stamps.

The estimated annual cost of illegal immigrants in LA County -- $440 million.

But wait, that doesn't include the additional $220 million for public safety and $400 million for healthcare. Where are we at now? The taxpayers of LA County are paying more than $1 billion per year because of illegal aliens.

One more thing ... that figure does not include the soaring cost of government education.

Then again .. remember that Mexican Magazine which ran a story with the headline "Los Angeles is Ours!" Fine ... let Mexico pay the bills.

..... and the invasion rolls on."

Ya gotta love the Democrat Party for their full support of the invasion, and the GOP "joiners" who work with them.....you know, like Sen. Mel martinez of FLORIDA!

Our Florida tax dollars at work. Wonder what the illegal costs are for us in areas of Florida such as Metro Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and the crops lands across the state? What a neat country.....illegals come, get jobs, get paid, and get more benefits than our LEGAL citizens!

Remember this next election day, folks, and check each candidate's voting record and statements on illegals!

It is way past time for us to Take Back America!