Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dems...Condemn Some....Not Others

Let me get this straight? FOXNews has details of the Democrats, led by Horrible Harry, attacking Rush for negative comments about anti-war soldiers?

Are these the same Democrats who spoke so brazenly about Gen. Petraeus?

Are these the same Democrats who would not join in the condemnation vote on an ad by their attack-dog-wing MoveOn.Org against the same General?

Me thinks they speak out of two sides of their mouth! There seems to be a distinction between a soldier speaking out in negative fashion....particularly most of those who have spoken and then been proven lying in their stories....and a General already vested as the best possible by the ENTIRE Senate, just months earlier.

Not to the Democrat losers. They cannot let the Iraq theme they clung to, apparently until death do them part, just go away. They have lost every vote on the issue.

NOTE: for those who have not yet read the report.....deaths in Iraq are D-O-W-N! Way down! Last month was almost quiet.