Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hillary Knows NO Dirty Money!

Nicholas Von Hoffman has details.

This woman, and her philandering hubby, have gone thru more money and connections than Sherman passed homesteads in his march to the sea!

They do not know any BAD money. When confronted with Norman Hsu's illegality her campaign returned all the bundled money.....along with a letter asking the folks who got the money back (hint: it was never theirs anyway) to deposit the check and then write a new one back to Hillary! Clean money????? NOPE!

The chips will fall, but the Clintons count on the fact the wheels of justice turn slowly, and they have perfected the art of hiding their own efforts behind others so they are never exposed.

They, as a couple, are the perfect con!

How to take money without really trying, and making it someone else's fault!

Shame on them and our public which allows such.