Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Risking Cries of "Racist!", I Plow Ahead!

O.K., here it is kiddies.......

The media are full of cries, screams and votes on the Hildabeast's proposal for a $5,000 check to each new babe in the Hew-Ness-of-Ay!

She said it once.....before a Black audience!

She has not touched it since!

Humm.....could Hil-a-Rod be pandering to a black vote she already owns? The mere fact she said it once will reverberate for months along the halls of the blogosphere, and in other more main-stream media!

Guess her figure draws such attention as to make the one-time tid-bit a staple of media talk for so long as to gain her goal.....publicity. She need never again speak of this thing, and it will still be rolling about the halls when the 2008 election occurs. By then the folks who find the idea preposterous will have moved on as she fails to expand/repeat the idea.....However, the audience she addressed will still be tucking this into their "wish-list" and awaiting enactment as soon as "Queen" Hill-Not-Bill is elected....