Monday, October 08, 2007

Democrat "Rush" To Condemn is Idiocy!

The loud braying by the various parts of "The Donkey" are attempts to provide cover from the "Gen. Betray Us" dumb, dumb, dumb ad! They wish they could make a case against Rush.... they even wished upon a star several nights in a row.....


It ain't happening. Instead they have probably given Rush good PR while further marginalizing their efforts as the "Democrat Congress".

Daffyd at Big Lizards exposes the "phony soldiers" about which EVERYONE but the Democrat leadership know Rush was speaking!

How pathetic can the Democrat leadership become? On that topic, just why is it the GOP is so very, very slow/lax in taking advantage of the Democrat lunacy? The GOP is given every opportunity to charge in and make point, after point, after point....but, they fail to do so. If they continue thusly they will lose even more seats in the 2008 Congressional election!

Is there a sane politician left in the Congress? Why are we NOT electing non-incumbents in every case? Probably lack of public interest as we watch good candidate