Saturday, October 06, 2007

Scary Stuff at the Duke & Duchess' Home!!!!

I have missed a day of my new series on retirement.

I have a valid reason!

Duchess and I experienced (actually I did, as she does not remember it AT ALL) a really strange event Thursday evening.

It is a bit long, but I have to offer the story as it was by far the scariest time of my life!

Let me preface this by saying I believe she is fine.....

I had been to the Elks Lodge; she to her water volleyball match.

She returned 1st, and I called in when leaving the Lodge so she had time to prepare dinner....I had a 20 minute drive.

She told me she was having a martini.....and said it was hitting her a bit.

When I got home, the dinner was ready and she was at the table with a half-filled martini glass in front of her.

She seemed a bit glassy eyed, but we ate quietly....unusually quietly for her, and we took our night meds. She then got VERY quiet, and was motionless. I talked her out of the rest of the martini.

After a few minutes she began to get quite agitated.....she began a keening sound, and waved her arms about wildly, eventually screaming a one-note-high-pitched-scream time after time.....

She seemed not to notice me, even when I tried to comfort her.

I got so worried I called 911.

They kept me on the phone, hearing her screaming and my obvious upset until 5 EMTs showed up at our home.

They checked her, and she calmed down a bit....though completely glassy eyed, and she did not speak! Her blood sugar was normal....same for blood pressure and heart. They asked if she wanted to go to the hospital, and she looked at them as if intoxicated.....then shook her head slowly NO.

Leaving them nothing to do, they departed.

After a short while she began the cries again, but when I talked to her this time she slowly subsided and I helped her walk to bed (she could not walk without me holding her upright).

When I laid her on the bed she fell asleep almost immediately.

At 3am I walked her to the bathroom as she still could not walk, and did not communicate with me.

At 8am, she awoke and was fine!

I slept about an hour all night, jumping awake fully every time she moved or made a noise....

To this moment she remembers nothing from the phone call I made to her on leaving the Lodge. She does not remember cooking, eating, the screaming, EMTs, or even the 3am bath visit.

After a day of calling our hospital folks.....including a state-of-the-art poison center.....there is no consensus. They do feel options include a martini-drug connection. We'll see her doctor (who has been changing some of her meds) on Wednesday. She continues to be fine and normal.

I am still really concerned, but at least no longer panicky! She is doing without martinis!