Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Bush Derangement Syndrome!"

NOPE! - I am not referring to the multitude of folks who rush to condemn everything GWB does. Instead, I am referring to the completely deranged thought patterns of POTUS with regard to Mexican (and other) Illegal Immigrants.....

The story in brief: Illegal in USA kills two lovely teen girls. He admits it. He is sentenced to death. Mexico objects. Bush joins legal-beagles in effort to get sentenced illegal a NEW hearing!

FOX has the complete story HERE!

Excuse me! GWB....What the hell is your Mexican-affliction? Why is the former Texas Governor who sent so many to the death sentence now pandering once again, for the 1,000th time, to the Mexicans and illegals.

Mr. President: Do you expect this fellow to ever be available again for picking crops? Do you plan on receiving a free villa-for-life in the Mexican Riviera from Mr. Fox? Do the Mexicans have pictures of you tied to a bed on which there are several hot chicks?

Somebody help me out here in seeing on what GWB may be hanging his hat in this situation...other than his bed post!