Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Use Human Shields - Preferably Young - To Win!

Iraqi/Foreign Terrorists?


U.S. Democrats.....

Anything to try to buffalo the public into buying their SCHIP story!

GWB Vetoed the measure recently.....NO, he was not trying to shut down SCHIP...It is already running. However, he was adamantly opposed to EXPANSION of the program in to the middle class who should have their own insurance.

Democrats trotted out a boy who spoke on his needs (real) but they failed to say the boy was already covered, and would continue to be!

The Democrats used the "human shield" and then yowled when the blogs found the kids' parents own a home, a business with its own building, a $400,000 plus home with a mortgage of about $200,000, and three BIG vehicles!

Now the Dems are practicing the "hit bottom and keep digging" school of idiotic politics. Today they will bring forth an even younger "human shield"...a toddler, to tell their story.

Michelle Malkin has been tracking the story much better than can I!

Oh, and if you didn't catch it.....the new "human shield", toddler-sized....he is also covered by the current SCHIP!

Could someone give the Democrats a call and let them know how completely insane they are on this topic?

Thank you!