Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hillary's Refunds Going "No-Where!"


Suitable Flip tracks the refunds...

Guess what....THEY AIN'T going where they were supposed to.....!!!!!

But the Antique Media will NEVER-NEVER see this one folks.....They are still busy trying to hide the comments blasting the media by General Sanchez!

What a story! In the day of "REAL" media....you know, reporters who could smell a story and attacked as soon as they had info....

It is much harder for the media today.....

They have to ask:

1. Is it something against GWB?

2. Is it something against the Iraq War?

3. Is it something that helps the Liberal cause????

In the case of 1 & 2, they find stories for Page 1!

In the case of 3, it is even bigger & must be repeated for days, often with accompanying editorial comment!