Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let Us Suppose! - No Isreal in The Middle East!

OK, this is an exercise in frustration as the possibility of it happening is remote......Remote, hell... non-existent....B-U-T......just for the sake of discussion and consideration!

Isreal has announced a move of the entire Israeli community.....They will be landing on land given them by the fine folks of The Falklands!

After all, these islands are remote, and occupied mostly by sheepherders...

The British are tired of defending the islands from the South American Would-be-owners.

Simple....Israel becomes the Israel of The Falklands!

We move all of the Israeli people there in communities built in a hurry.....they even bring with them the industry base they enjoy in Israel. Airports, industry and communities spring up in a matter of three years!


What happens back in know, where the Israeli folk angered/enraged/and made-mad the Palestinians.....

Well, 1st of all, the Israeli departees blow up all the industry/business/homes/condos/et al in their land prior to leaving. Thus, the Palestinians inherit a place of desolation....decrepit of any form of usable buildings.

They also find the supplies of oil/gas/fuels despoiled.

Now what?

What do you think.....the Palestinians take command, and destroy any buildings left by the Israelis as they strip any usable items from the ruins.

Then, they begin a campaign of "Israelis must pay for rebuilding what they decimated!" It is, after all the right of the Palestinians to have all the riches the Israelis built......

Then the squabbles begin. Palestinians divide into their factions and begin to wage war one-against-the-other. Their prove which is the supreme power of the "conquered lands"!!!!!!!!

The next thing they do is file for massive relief from the U.N. for their despoiled lands and the peoples therein. Of course, the U.N. grants them billions in instant grants for preservation of their country(?)

Then, the U.N. consideres, and passses a resolution that seeks reparations from the Israelis to the Palestinians for their many years of occupation. The Israelis now need to fund the Palestinians for 20-30 years to insure "balance" in their new domain.

Meanwhile the Palestinians wage war one-on-the-other.....They kill hundreds of thousands.

The world watches and does nothing.

Argentina files for removal of the Israelis from the Falklands, "Their native land!"