Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hillary Flaunts Law By Selecting Berger!

Sometimes we need to keep clear focus on the movements of candidates for national office. THIS is one of those times.

Ronald A. Cass writes, at Real Clear Politics, on the Hillary inclusion of Sandy Berger, a convicted criminal, in her campaign:

"During Bill Clinton's administration, there was no shortage of indications that perhaps the Clintons, husband and wife, were a bit casual about legal niceties. Although the accusations fixated many and resulted in convictions for more than a few Clinton associates, in the end, though he was disbarred for five years, Bill Clinton got something of a break because he was personally charming and his accusers seemed less so. Public reaction was that you might not want him around your daughter, but you'd be happy to go have a drink with Bill.

Hillary, whose stiff demeanor won't garner the same slack, doesn't just remind us of prior scandals. Sandy Berger didn't lie about sex or do something ordinary that isn't strictly in keeping with law - like speeding on a road where citizens regard the posted limits as advisory rather than mandatory. Sandy Berger committed a serious crime, intentionally, and lied about it, intentionally, and put his nation at risk. Hillary isn't bothered by any of that. Whatever she says about the rule of law - which limits official power to safeguard all of us - she evidently doesn't believe it was intended to place limits on her.

Picking Sandy Berger tells us something important about Hillary's character. We should listen now - while it can do some good."

I can only add "A-Men!" Time to remember the Clinton years....with the tart attitudes of Hillary vs the smiling, fun Bill Clinton!

Here's the complete story by Mr. Cass.

Public perception needs to go beyond the light looks at smiling candidates and poses before audiences.

This woman is a danger! Period!

After the election is too late to discover/notice this.