Saturday, November 03, 2007

"KooK-Cinich Plans Implosion!" - But his wife is L-O-V-E-L-Y!

Guess I get easily distracted this campaign season as I find some of the candidate's wives just really, really least for photo purposes.....Prime among them are Kook-cinich and The Thompson (disclaimer...I have his ad on my ain't gettin a dime folks!)

However, the announcement by "KooK-cinich" that he will file papers to impeach Chaney just takes his idiotic campaign too far by at least a step or two......

The story H-E-R-E!!!

The facts are......

1. There is a snowball's-chance-in-hell of any impeachment filing getting traction. Against Bush or Cheney!

2. I still like his wife in photos.....I cannot tell if she be the pit-viper variety, or just a lovely being....from the photos!

Just a note....I been-there-done-that in the likable photos department! Usually this is a loser for we plebeians.....not sure about the political elite!

Nuff Said!