Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sherwood Forest In Trouble!

MAJOR OAK of Sherwood! One of the landmark trees of ancient oaks in Sherwood.

The story is not something least if you accept the development of today...BUT it is sad, truly sad. The center of one of the most compelling stories of our English heritage is indeed in trouble.

Check FOXNews for the story.

Even FOX editors allow the gratuitous insert of a phrase seeming to connect GW to the decline of the forest....with no proof, no indication it is true at all. That is almost as sad as the story itself.

WHY cannot we protect our heritage?

Many National forests in the USA are a tribute to Teddy Roosevelt and many since....BUT there are still a number of losses we suffer each year.

Time is the real culprit. We could NEVER have saved the dinosaurs nor many things lost forever since then. However, there is always the newness of things growing today which did not exist. These, usually yet unidentified places, are the secret to a changing Earth and a new heritage for us to envelope as our truth!

We must enjoy the newness, and help to protect the old....but be willing to part with the old when it becomes apparent times/situations change.