Sunday, November 04, 2007

U.N. - "You Do Not Have A Right To Self-Defense!"

Read that headline again......

I am sorry to say folks, that is NOT a JOKE!

It is fact, and Fred Thompson, Presidential Candidate endorsed by this site, took on the U.N. over the position they have taken. Eugene Volokh tells the tale!

What do Y-O-U think about that folks?

Of course, our Constitution's second amendment protects our right to bear arms. The U.N. folks just want us to make nice and not defend ourselves....even if attacked. They better not come around my place to test this. I am sure there are many members of the NRA who agree!

Just wondering; but is there ANY point at which we will stop funding an organization so very-very un-American? I am sincerely tired of my tax dollars funding the idiotarians at the U.N.