Wednesday, November 14, 2007

AARP = "Ain't Anybody Really Polling!"

Been a member of this organization since age 55 (it'll be ten years within a couple of months!).

I utilize the card for discounts on campgrounds, and other items.....

I remain completely mystified how this group manages to make decisions on the official AARP positions. In my nearly ten years of membership I have never been asked how I felt; never polled on likes and dislikes; never given any opportunity to know who is really speaking for AARP!

I've asked people from friends who are members to fellow campers across more than 20 states, and even my on-line friends from high school. NOT ONE of them has ever been asked how they felt, or what they supported.

I am sure when AARP sets forth their opposition to changes in Social Security, or new or modified drug plans or medical coverage, they let the folks receiving their position know just how many AARP members there are. Too bad either NONE of us or VERY FEW of us get to make any comment or give any input to the positions.

My personal recommendation is that we form a group within AARP known as "AMPAA"

That, of course, would stand for "Ain't My Position At All"....

Membership would allow outside groups to note just how few folks are actually involved in those AARP positions!

IF AARP is going to throw around numbers, the least they could do is let their own membership BE INVOLVED in THEIR organization.....If, indeed, the Association of Retired Persons is just association....not a discount-membership organization playing politics!