Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Book You Need To Read!

Buy it, and read it.....be VERY, VERY Afraid!

Those who have followed the trail of deceit and lying of the Clintons.....BOTH Clintons.....Know this truth.....

Clintons will do ANYTHING, say ANYTHING, to stop folks who are not onboard with their fairytale of "A New Camelot!" Most Unfortunately for her, and perhaps most fortuitous for us, Hillary is NOTHING like Bill in the charm department. Her smile is so fake and painted as to be horrific...her words are always parsed, and she has NO POSITION on major issues....by design.......Just remember she has the ability to provide an accent for EVERY crowd....from Spanish to Southern to Black.....she feels an accent ingratiates her to the current group.... The problem with this approach is.....the times have changed. EVERYTHING she does will be provided by the blogs....and she will be seen much more the USER and much less the real person!

If you take no position, you can supposedly not offend anyone!

W-R-O-N-G! You can offend EVERYONE!

We, the unwashed Hillary wishes to snow, are NOT stupid.....