Tuesday, November 13, 2007


One question I am often asked is "Where are your sources for the stories?"

As the source for any particular story may break any effort I make at explanation, this is a bit of an overview rather than an exacting list. That is to say, I stumble on stories from the strangest sources....sometimes from an email from one of the members of my high school email group. (Yes, some 40-60 of us from Pekin High School in Pekin, IL, stay in touch and exchange lots of things from remembrances of that high school time...most of us were classes 58 through 64...to current info on group member health problems and deaths, to political exchanges.)

However, that being said, many sources are regularly-read blogs which cover a lot of ground. So, in no particular order, here are some daily stops I make.....

Drudge Report - I used to find lots more real news here, but today find Drudge to sometimes come up with real leads to a story...but usually to be lost in a list of shock-magazine type stories.

Instapundit - The great God of blogdom... Professor Glenn Reynolds must be online 26-28 hours daily. He finds more interesting "stuff" to report than any other source I know. While i might not use a lot of his stories on my blog, I am fascinated by the myriad from literally hundreds of blogs.

Real Clear Politics - This editing organization searches the written word and post morning and afternoon lists of stories written by folks on their own pages, newspaper columnists, and many others. A great view of current writing on political things...with both Liberal and Conservative views well-represented.

Neal Boortz - Neal has the ire of all Liberals....or as they like to try to pass themselves off as "Progressives"...a term Neal and I find quite ludicrous in the face of the "Progressive" control of a Congress frozen in disbelief and lacking any substantive action. Neal is a Libertarian....not one of the screaming, bring on the drugs libertarians, but a true believer in the original precepts of this party. He shows my political beliefs more than anyone else.

Little Green Footballs - Charles Johnson manages to both provide great information, and also infuriate the FAR LEFT moonbats. I love both.

Michelle Malkin - Another whose conservative values, and coverage of moonbats idiocy provides lots of entertainment as well as unmasking the hypocrisy of the far left. Also, she is cute and on TV in frequent visits she can hold her own against any of the lunatics from the Left.

Captain's Quarters - Written by a fellow with whom I disagree on some issues, but with whom I have had great exchanges via email and in blogs. Ed is a great writer and reporter....capable of finding the story in detail. His blog talk radio is also something showing a new direction for bloggers.

I could go on for some time, but will call a halt there except for a few mentions.... Hugh Hewitt, Power Line, Patterico's Pontifications, WizBang, and many more who provide me with literally hours of news/views and fun each day.

If you have not yet compiled a favorites folder for blogs...do so today.