Monday, February 28, 2005


The Oscars are over for another year and I again successfully avoided watching. However, Ed over at Captain's Quarters nailed what I am sure would have been my reaction to the continued liberal elitist onslought.....despite a 60 million votegroup who disagree with them.

It is obvious that many in Gollywood have moved......

Their new nation, "Lack-a-Respect" is located far from regular places, but is rumored to be quite elite! Their capitol city of "Lack-a-Understanding" houses only those far removed from regular places, and wishing to remain among the elite! Their legislative body, "Lack-a-Consciousness" has proposed a completely shared income by all, except those living in the state of "Eliteist", home of the few who assure one another they are better, smarter, more knowledgable, more caring, and obviously way out in front of those they left behind in the all-comsuming red of their former home. For after all, as George Orwell penned, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"!

And are not we conservatives among the "animals"? Of course we are, just those in the less-equal herd!


Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Saddam Family/Politicos Lose...Syria Wins!

A top Saddam Lieutenant, and half-brother has been turned over to Iraqi officials by the Syrians! Captain's Quarters has details, plus a delicious addon that sez more than 30 others were in the Syrian-delivered gift package.


Syrians have found the Saddam group to be less-than-a-positive.....Thus they get to board the "congratulations and we recognize you" group for Iraq, gain some positive spin around the world where they are currently under heavy pressure vis-a-vis Lebanon and the Syrian troops there.

An additional thought I wonder if anyone else is exploring? What of the almost-assuredly transplanted WMD, etc. in Syria from the Iraqi Saddam family/friends who fled. If they did indeed take such WMDs to Syrian, perhaps as their price of admission/protection, then Syria now has new toys that are all theirs!

That remains scary at best!


Mubarak for Real????

I cannot blindly accept, and I suppose most of my blog colleagues agree, that Hosni Mubarak in a single step is willing to move to a true democratic election with multiple candidates.

As noted from Fox News thru Powerline....with a reference to Captain's Quarters comments, Mubarak, a day after being chastized by Sec. Condi Rice, has announced these changes.

I keep waiting now for the other shoe to drop and the MSM, or bloggers to pick up on the "rules" which will in effect keep the new idea of multiple parties from reality.

Gosh I hope I am wrong!


Saturday, February 26, 2005

& Then there were 2!

The first of the CBS three, asked to resign in the wake of the Rathergate scandal, has done so.

However.......the wording of her leaving tells the tale.....She was paid off....
Check for the report Here.

The sound of it is not unexpected. The fact of it is always a bit incredulous until one seeks the facts of a person "dispossessed" by the CBS abandonment of its own. The network is in full damage-control mode. They will NEVER allow the facts to be made public vis-a-vis a trial and examination of the record.

Now they have two left to deal with, and one suspects they will be a bit more difficult to "sell" on a $ deal, unless it is LARGE....they are seeking vindication, for their professional futures!

How very interesting.


Amen! How Sweet it is Indeed! Posted by Hello

Friday, February 25, 2005

These Jags are Little!

Jag's Cats! Posted by HelloDuke 2's Pets.....
A dyed-in-the-wool(er-fur) Jaguars fan, season ticket holder, etc. he bought these two Bengal kittens.....with markings remarkably similar to actual Jaguars.

They are....front to back....Touchdown DeVille & Lady Teal.

Duke 2 got them here.

He reports the two, shown lazy on the leather sofa, were declawed yesterday, and are still a bit on the woozy side! (They were piercing and shredding everything in the house - Picture is about two weeks old).


What a Story I Could Write!

Yeah, if only I was MSM and not a dirty little blogger.....

Such a story......take ingredients such as my earlier post on Sunni "Oops!" response to missing their own elections.....

And now David Ignatius over at is all over the "Berlin Wall" coming down in the Middle East.....Lebanon to Egypt to quivering in Syria!

Take all the ingredients and place them in a nice expanded news piece front page NYT & ......oh yeah, I forgot my place there for a moment.....

The Grey Lady would have congestive heart failure!

He He - This is just TOO much fun to watch....but I'll try to stumble through! Here have some popcorn and a are not gonna wanna miss this!

Could you pass the butter please?


Dems on A Rant in the Senate!

It could mark, in just a few weeks, the complete breaking of the Democrats in the Senate! It could fizzle out......but the show will almost certainly be more interesting than any movie I have seen in the recent past!

The Democratic Senators....led by the usual miscreants....are threatening! Not one action, but two! Both absurd from my point of view.

Read a good write on it at
Hugh Hewitt's place.

For my part, I continue to be amazed by the total lack of comprehension of the Dems as to the mood of the voters of this country.....not the true conservatives, but the many centrists who actually decide the voting in each election. These folks were upset over the previous blocking of judicial nominations.

Now to threaten not just filibuster, but also a COMPLETE shutdown of the Senate. This childish idiocy will provoke the electorate even more.

I do not, seriously, believe it will get to that.

Some cooler minds....perhaps our newly-more conservative Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton among them....will probably move to a position to short this effort by Reid, and others. If not, then I predict the Dems will: a) lose the judicial battle; and, b) lose the 2006 elections badly.

Oh, and a bit off subject, what the hell is Dean doing courting red state where his own party's Governor snubbed him.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hospital Success Story....

This past weekend our hospital set a new record, and 16 people received a total of 19 organs in a 72 hour period! The St. Petersburg Times has the story.....

Amazing, and given the constant need for more organ donors, this gladens the heart! As of this point Tampa General Hospital has completed more than 4,400 transplants.

Unfortunately there are several thousand in our 20 county area awaiting organs.

Please sign a donor card!


p.s. All 16 recipients are healthy and doing well!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Sure, it had to happen. Both Glenn at InstaPundit and Captain Ed at the Captain's Quarters had their wives in the hospital and dealt with serious events this past week (longer in Ed's case, and possibly Glenn's).

Ed had coined last year the term "Hospiblogging"......Blogging from the hospital, and both did nicely at it.

Yesterday I managed, for the 2nd time in 6 weeks, to locate myself in the midst of our ER Chest Pain Center (Duchess & I work at a major Florida hospital)....My heart decided to skip every 4th beat, and pop a bunch of "strange signals" on the monitors.

Took me from 10am until 6pm to clear the place and am headed today or tomorrow for a stress test. So, as they would not allow me my laptop in the bed.....gee wonder why?.....I guess one could say I was "hospi-logging"!

Much to the delight of my bride and I, it appears at this juncture that a medication adjustment (plus removal of my 3-4 morning cups of caffeine) may fix the situation.

I am glad both Glenn & Ed's wives are doing well.....

It is sure nice to live in our free society WITHOUT the benefits of socialized medicine where we'd all probably still be waiting for a bed, or the chance to see a doctor.


Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunni Stumbles lead to a bit more cooperation?

A quite nice look at several related happenings in Iraq over at PowerLine.

I believe quite firmly that, if handled correctly, this may actually give more progress for the resolution to extricate the US from Iraq, then even the elections... though the elections, of course, have been a MAJOR driving force toward this new step/attitude/awakening???

The secret for a success in this is the isolation of the Zarqawi extremists to the point where the Sunnis, in order to have at least some say in their newly-reorganized country, are willing to "give up" the foreign agents/terrorists, et al.

This is going to be an interesting time which will positively impact the vision of US success in the country, as well as provide a scenario for future actions.


Saturday, February 19, 2005

Pipeline to Yikes!!!!!

Banzai Pipeline....Surfer is on the "Curl" Posted by HelloBanzai Pipeline!

The picture was taken as a fellow tried to navigate the Pipeline...he is the black speck on the curl of the wave....

These were "small" according to locals....only 10 feet or so.....
For me they were nice to watch, but being a West Coast of Florida dude, they are WAY too big to try!

Term Limits for Supreme Court?

This proposal On Volokh Conspiracy (as forwarded by InstaPundit) would limit Supreme Justices to an 18 year term.

I find this a bit out-of-touch with reality. If one explores the history of our "Supremes", they usually don't last that long....with a good number of exceptions!

I, for one, find any term-limiting, below the Presidency, to be a wrong choice. I am convinced that people pressed by a deadline for service will react by trying much harder to achieve an agenda than those who serve indeterminate periods. While everyone (despite our best efforts) proceeds with an agenda according to their bias, the agenda gains sharp attention when a limitation in time approaches.

As for the above mentioned Presidency, I find this to be a different class as the Presidency carries so much more in the form of decision-making, policy-setting, etc. Thus limits speak to the avoidance of a perpetuation by virtue of popularity alone, and avoiding the inherent problems of agendas which can in fact impact the entire country for a long time in the future.....

This is not to say that Justices do not impact our life and ways....however, they do so with less direct-impact.


Friday, February 18, 2005

This is just TOO Surreal!!!!!

"Please Sir, May I have another?"

Remember the line?

From Animal House, and the line of those inductees to frats who laid on the heavy clubs to the buttox!

For me, the clarion cry is the same from Democrats today.....

Can they ever get a clue????? NOPE!

Dean versus Perle.....That is a one-armed-paperhanger thing....Dean with one arm, and Perle showing how its done!

The Dems must now LIVE with their choice for Chairman....

They seem to gather ignorance as if it were gold! They find ways to extrapolate that the "people" wish they had other options/votes....DESPITE the fact they have been soundly defeated in three consecutive votes by the public they seek to entertain!

Now Dean plows onward as the surrogate of the "we hate war" crew.....Despite success in Iraq....And man are there successes to review!

Let me tell you about oblivion....For the Dems may soon reach the stage of being such and same!.....Oblivious to all, and innocuous to all!!!!

How very, very nice!

Bring em on Dean!


Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Pipeline!

Pipeline! Posted by Hello

It was a fairly calm day, as we were given to understand, for the Banzai Pipeline. Still waves topped 10 feet easily.....Not right for old Duke!

BTW.....took this and three flower pics below on trip to Oahu for Pro Bowl last weekend....

Will post more pics of beautiful forests, etc. later.


Fly-sized bug on lovely purple flower Posted by Hello

Shrimp Flower

Shrimp Flower (Hawaii) Posted by HelloTaken in the same park mentioned below....


Hawaiin Flowers....

Hawaiin Flowers (Oahu) Posted by HelloTook these in an Audabon Park 3 miles from the famed Banzai Pipeline Beach....

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Government Cameras for $ ???

The City of Tampa, Florida (where I live), installed cameras about 2 years ago in Ybor (Pronounced: "E Bore") City......a home for bars/dinners/jazz clubs, and of course cigar manufacturing......

Purpose: Identification of criminals and wanted folk of all kinds!

Instapundit offered advice on this way back in 2002 (The dark ages of punditry...)
See here...

The experiment here fact of three observations which "tipped" police to someone wanted....two were wrong, and the third was the WRONG SEX!

Amazing, but true......the cameras are still in place, but now inactive.....


Hawaii was Fun, BUT!!!

Back home again....but tired, five hours out-of-sync!

Pictures to follow.....Pro-Bowl was fun; Hawaii (Oahu) was OK, with fun, but KILLER traffic on their highways, and some bad hotel a lady traveling behind us on return flight earns a "special moment" with police upon arrival in Houston!

Stories to follow; as soon as body catches up to the time here in Florida!


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pro-Bowl Hiatus!

Son, Little Duke, won a pair of tickets, plus trip, car, hotel & most-importantly, two tickets to the Official NFL Tailgate Party for the Pro Bowl.

Ms. Duke & I will jet off to Houston from Tampa tomorrow morning and join son and his lady friend for long flight to Honolulu.

Will attempt to update from there.....not clear if hotel is wifi connected.....

Between our two cameras we have 1,600 picture capability.....should bring back some good stuff!

Later folks


Christmas in Baghdad!

Here's a great read from Mudville Gazette. It is a bit long, but well worth it! The story of how Greyhawk recognized an unexpected holiday while in Iraq.....

Thanks for a different perspective Greyhawk.....and by-the-way, as the Super Bowl Bud commercial stated....Just Thanks For Being There! You are appreciated!

"semper par" from a former Coastie Auxiliarist....


Spamming Your Car & Cell Phone?

Say it isn't so! Spam/Virus Threats to cell phones, auto computers, etc. are laid out at MyWay in an article by Eric Auchard.

This scary possibility seems something I fear could be real...and a look at some of the future of technology terrorism/pranksterism....


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Howard Kurtz didn't read "Blog"!

It becomes apparent to me that Howard Kurtz, vis-a-vis his piece today as a PR support for Eason Jordan, has not read Hugh Hewitt's "Blog"....what I am convinced will become at the least a guidebook for the blogosphere; and perhaps much more!

Had he done so he would have realized what Hugh said in Chapter 5, Sub-title "Using the New Media"........

"The old information monopoly had an enormous ability to decide where and when news would be 'news.' That gatekeeping function is gone, and blogs have rushed in to decide for themselves what matters."

Unfortunately, Kurtz seems, despite his earlier apparent friendliness to the blogosphere, and being looked to by many bloggers as a decent writer of fair leanings is, quite obviously by today's piece, a "hack" whose job and dedication to employers outweighs his abilities/professionalism as a writer.

Sad to think, but true....

One thing sticks out for me.....

Accountability......blogger accountability (this can apply if you are a blogger stating an opinion, or a newsman aiming his words at the blogosphere.....) is going to be every bit as high as for anyone else outside our little (?4.2 million blogs???) world....

Quoting Hewitt's "Blog" again.....Bloggers are the same people they were a few years ago, but now they don't have to persuade anyone to be allowed to persuade anyone"

And this fact will hang Kurtz on his own words......

Maybe the people of "newsworld" will learn this in the future!

Maybe not!


MSM Reluctantly, haltingly, gets onto Jordan!

Now the cracks widen.....

Today, alone, two comments in MSM Print media into the Eason Jordan fiasco. As I anticipated here and here.

InstaPundit is on the current cracks in the wall....

La Shawn Barber covers it too, and adds a twist or

This will be an interesting day in the life of the Eason Jordan story.....The only speculation left is how much longer the slow moving bovines of TV can hold out???



UPDATE: & Now NO FILM! Ed at Captain's Quarters is on it!.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Eason, Eason, they GOT you Eason!

My gosh this thing is BLOSSOMING all over the blogosphere.....


Malkin, or perhaps...

Captain's Quarters who refer to Malkin, but give more! or....

Hugh Hewitt offers some nice things...

VodkaPundit offers his wonderful thoughts of bias, unexpected by Howard Kurtz.... a new object of his dis-affection!

Love it all folks......


A left-slide by Drudge????

I have emailed Matt Drudge, asking quite pointedly why he has not exposed ANYTHING on the Jordan matter!

See below:

I sincerely hope I am reading the signs wrongly.....on Drudge!!!

NOT A WORD on the Eason Jordan fiasco.........from the "breakmaster"?????

Come on big fella, what the heck is going on?

This WILL surface, and it WILL play, and given a new effort to directly approach our congressional folks for an investigation, it will be cannot miss....

Hope you don't miss this train are already seriously behind the curve!


Will I get a response.....judging by the balance of the MSM (of which Drudge seems more and more to be a part) Nope!

BUT I do hope he responds with either a story or an explanation to me!


UPDATE: Forgot to mention the Congressional effort by Ed at Captain's Quarters. I have joined......Florida's Congressmen (in my area) now are alerted. Time to join Ed and help get this out of "the cone of silence" imposed by the MSM, and perhaps Drudge!

Churchill wants US "Off the planet!"

Through Neal Boortz' "Reading Assignment" the following lead to World Net Daily where claim is laid that the controversial Colorado Professor and Indian Activist Ward Churchill, now denied as an indian at all, has gone much further than his attributed earlier statement about the NY Twin Tower folks as "little Eichmanns".

In fact he is claimed in the article to want the US off the planet!

I have read with interest several comments in the last few days cautioning against removal of Churchill from his teaching post for some ill-conceived and absurd comments.

In my opinion, however, if the latest claim is true.....and more importantly if Mr. Churchill cannot show proof of his "indianness", I join the chorus of voices urging we "off" him from the college post.

Lying about your credentials is beyond reprehensible...using the fraudulently-achieved post for such ill statements makes the removal mandatory!


Sunday, February 06, 2005

You asked about "DeLand"

DeLand Family Business Posted by Hello

Tom, of DeLand, FL, inquired about my name.....

I am a is a pic of an old family business in NY owned by Harry A. DeLand, later founder of both DeLand, FL & Stetson University located there. The University, originally named for Harry as DeLand University, was renamed to that of one of his close friends and business partners at Harry's request.

My branch of the family is from Illinois (Yes, there is a DeLand, IL also).


One newspaper "Outs" Jordan!

Can you hear the cracks in the wall yet????

The MSM is losing control of their "cone of silence" over CNN exec Eason Jordan...just as predicted! Check it out at Captains Quarters.

Read it......but, the most important line of the newspaper article, from the Riverside Press-Enterprise in California is the last one:

CNN bills itself as the "world's most respected news network." If the network expects to sell that slogan, it will need a more honest top executive than Eason Jordan.



UPDATE: Oops!, Sorry guys but Powerline had actually referred to the 1st newspaper article on Jordan, albeit a small part of a much larger story...thus leaving the Enterprise-Press with the actual 1st story centered on Jordan.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Me Fedora...Grey one

Me Fedora (Grey) Posted by Hello

The fedora, long needing blocking, special care, etc. is today a care-free, easy hat...My two (Grey and Black) are crushable.......They can be slammed into a suitcase flat, and open back to original form when the case is opened.

Duke (Hat Man)

Could Kennedy/Kerry, et al have been wrong???

Now comes the word.....The liberal Kennedy/Kerry foghorn of discontent with Iraqi elections....1st for being held, and then for being a possible divisive issue in the country separating out Sunni Muslims from the more populous and participating Kurds and Shiites is NOT GOING TO OCCUR! Check the story at Captain's Quarters.

Step by step, the liberal dogma is being destroyed......

What will be the next wild claim of Senator Swimmer and Senator Border-Crosser????

He He!

Sometimes it is just too good!!!!!

What a fun time for the vindication of Bush and Company.....


OK, You asked!

Hat Man Posted by Hello

Actually the goatee is long gone.....picture taken a little over a year ago, but here I am in my Resistol! (The moustache stays or Mrs. Duke leaves me...sez I am "naked" without it, which I have tried only once!)


Hat Man Two !

Zounds, give a guy an Instalanche and lots of things happen......1st the volume, then the comments and questions......

Some interesting stuff I thought I'd reply to!

From George: Where are the dang pictures?

Good question......I am working on it now....have been dragging my feet on opening the picture process....soon as I have it understood, I'll post a couple...

From JorgX: Where are all the hat shops & where the heck do you get them cleaned and blocked?

Danged if i know about the cleaning. Have not had to clean mine yet...keep them pretty well safe. I buy a lot of them in a little hat shop in Madiera Beach, FL...but find them in lots of places....mostly when traveling.

My next hat will be a Stetson....Cannot be a true Hat Man unless you own one. Mrs. Duke has been shying at the $180 plus for one.....go figure!

Thanks again to Instapundit for the Instalanche, and this day's fun.


"Hat Man" is my nickname!

I found this on Instapundit to be quite interesting, and a topic not often aired.

My interest is my nickname "Hat Man".....for I own somewhere upwards of 25 hats. That does NOT count baseball caps of which I have a good number; nor the three different styles of Coast Guard Auxiliary hats I still own, despite my absence from their number.

I own lots of straw from tropical to my Buccaneers NFL straw hat. I have two REAL fedoras (felt & crushable); three leather from brown to black (one bought in Puerto Rico); a "Tula" hat made in Mexico, and a genuine white Resistol (cowboy hat for the uninitiated, and bought in Gatlinburg).

I rarely leave the house without a hat. Usually carry them almost everywhere, except into movie theatres.

LOVE the cutting of sun exposure to my face where I am four surgeries deep already for skin cancer (Love Florida, in spite of this).

I often wonder why more men folk don't wear them.....and, for that matter why not more ladies. I find them sexy, and my wife (among the non-hat people) loves me in a hat.

Next week I'll be in my Buccaneers straw hat AT the Pro Bowl in Hawaii! Life is Good!

Try a hat dudes!!!!


UPDATE1: A BIG tip of the Hat Man fedora to Instapundit for the current "Instalanche!"

UPDATE2: Not sure if it is just normal snafu, or the Instalanche, but my site meter is down!

UPDATE3: Cable modem was going out.....needed to be reset. Site meter back OK. Can't wait to go wireless.....already am on my laptop...still hardwired for Mrs. Duke & My PCs.

Several commented I had no pic on the site, so I have posted two in new posts......check it out by going direct to:

Friday, February 04, 2005

What do these have in common?

Critics question Pentagon news sites

• Shiite bloc takes early lead in Iraq election

• Rice: Attack on Iran 'not on the agenda' | Video

• Day 2 for Bush's Social Security push

• Police: Student died from 'water intoxication'

• Transvestite pleads guilty in silicone 'pumping' death

• Astronomers find Saturn 'hot spot'

• Rare plant nearly wiped out by work crews

• Ossie Davis dead at 87 | 'Dean Wormer' dies

• Video: Are Pentagon news sites deceiving?

• Bush: Pundit payments will stop

• Columnist Armstrong Williams axed

• Gallagher: Not paid to push policy

Vatican: Pope eating regularly

• Calm urged after Georgian PM death

• Sources: Israel to end targeted killings

15,000 troops could leave Iraq

• No criminal charges in LA police beating

• White House searching for new chef

These are the headlines on their page....the leads to all the news that is the news!

They are answering, via their PR flak, the charges against Eason Jordan.....

However, they feel no compulsion what-so-ever to place the story on their page, despite the fact some MSM have picked it up, and more probably will. Despite the fact the blogosphere is full of the story, and again....the fact they felt compelled to answer the charges with varying responses at least several times.

Oh, and where is Jordan?????

A BIG part of why they will be forced to take this head on is going to be
Hugh Hewitt, there 1st with the straight word from Romy Abovitz....the 1st to post the fiasco concerning Eason Jordan, and now not just answering Hewitt's queries, but also telling it like it WAS!

Enjoy as this unfolds!


UPDATE1: Hugh Hewitt is going to be on The Chris Matthews Show on Sunday......there he will, without a doubt (as he states on his blog) get to the topic of Jordan and the CNN blackout! (See them bob and weave like fighters trying to avoid the knockout punch they know is coming????)

UPDATE2: Hugh is adding a list at the end of his above post to folks who have commented/linked to his post....Pekin Prattles is included......Thanks, again Hugh, for the mention.....Duke

UPDATE3: CNN is reaching trying to find a deflection of the issue.....they want the media to center on something else! Check out Powerline and some powerful stuff!

Is it beginning to end in Iraq?

This story at Free Iraqi is, I most profoundly hope, the first of many we shall see from Iraq.

Citizens, attacked by terrorists trying to punish the citizens for voting.....and the formerly cowed citizens rose up, killed five terrorists, wounded 8 more and only suffered three wounded themselves. Then to top it off, the newly-empowered Iraqi voters burned the vehicle the terrorists used.

Much more than possibly giving terrorists cause to pause in their somewhat random plunges into Iraqi society, I am hoping this signals the Iraqi people, 8 million of whom voted, are saying in effect, "Get off me....I now have rights and the ability to vote. I am a person!"

That is at least how I am going to interpret this!

Hurray for these folk!


UPDATE: check out the story currently on FOX website about new feelings of security in Baghdad!!!! Seems to support my above interpretation/hope/wish.....

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Eason Jordan -Now I get it!

Now it comes into focus!

There is no absurdity to Eason Jordan's "targeting journalists" comment.

From evidence revealed in the blogosphere today it is clear the real truth is he is running a PR aimed at making CNN another Al Jazeera!

CNN's numbers in the states are diving like a rock through air.

ONLY by promoting their own recognition among the Islamic States, and among the Euro attacking the US, and particularly the US Military....are they going to grow their foreign market and audience!

It is not funny, and further belittles the already-shredded facade of this news outlet. However, it may be what CNN sees as their only answer to replacing the US market losses.

How truly sad!


UPDATE: Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for mention in his listings of folks commenting on Eason Jordan's fiasco!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dean, Dean, the DNC Machine!

What the Hell are the Democrats thinking??????

Are the Democrats thinking??????

Howard Dean is as incendiary as the 4th of July fireworks he unleashed upon the folks covering his failed campaign for Presidential nominee!

Yet the DNC, in their complete oblivion to REALITY, have seen fit to make him the favorite to assume the post of "him-who-seeks-to elevate-the-Democrats-for-election" MY GOD! Are they crazy???????

Of course they are, they still accept the postulations of Kennedy; Boxer; et al!

Will there be no end (I hope not!)?

Go RNC, make ground.....

What shall our battle cry be in 2006?????

Down, Sir Dayton, Down!

DOWN the drain, like your compatriot Sir Daschle!


Limit a Heart Attack!

Some VERY IMPORTANT information YOU need to have available in the event of chest pain from Donald Sensing, via InstaPundit.....

Read it, take it with you, BUT add one thing!

If you have the chest pain.....take ONE MINUTE before leaving for the hospital to take a regular aspirin!

This is serious.....I recently had the tour of the "Chest Pain Center" (euphamism for heart attack emergency room) in the major hospital where I work. My tour followed a phone call to my physician to describe chest pressure and burning.

My doc's 1st words....."Take an aspirin and go straight to the chest pain center!"

Being prepared is mandatory from about age 30 up!

Duke of DeLand

p.s. My problem proved to pretty mundane as they found a chronic sinus infection which was draining and causing the pressure on my lungs! Many pills later I am fine.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Organ Transplants - You Need to Help!

Reading the story at Mudville Gazette about the young Marine who has now apparently received a liver transplant, hopefully with a bright outcome, gives me pause to offer some advice to EVERYONE out there.....

Ms. Duke & I work at a major transplant center (more than 4,400 completed since 1972!). We have the finest of teams involved in transplants of heart, liver, lungs, pancreas, kidney and, kidney/pancreas.....and we average a transplant per day....365 a year!

There is only one problem with our program. We did 365 transplants last year. The problem? There are more than 6,000 people within the 18 counties of Florida we serve who are WAITING for transplants!

What holds us back? Not available surgical suites; not availability of qualified surgeons; but, Organs available for transplant!

We need organs, folks.

If you are NOT a donor yet, please get the papers signed today (most states offer the addition of organ donor to your driver license).

You won't need the organs once you are gone; however, up to 23 people can benefit from a single donor!

This is something YOU can do to help.....

Think about it!