Friday, February 04, 2005

What do these have in common?

Critics question Pentagon news sites

• Shiite bloc takes early lead in Iraq election

• Rice: Attack on Iran 'not on the agenda' | Video

• Day 2 for Bush's Social Security push

• Police: Student died from 'water intoxication'

• Transvestite pleads guilty in silicone 'pumping' death

• Astronomers find Saturn 'hot spot'

• Rare plant nearly wiped out by work crews

• Ossie Davis dead at 87 | 'Dean Wormer' dies

• Video: Are Pentagon news sites deceiving?

• Bush: Pundit payments will stop

• Columnist Armstrong Williams axed

• Gallagher: Not paid to push policy

Vatican: Pope eating regularly

• Calm urged after Georgian PM death

• Sources: Israel to end targeted killings

15,000 troops could leave Iraq

• No criminal charges in LA police beating

• White House searching for new chef

These are the headlines on their page....the leads to all the news that is the news!

They are answering, via their PR flak, the charges against Eason Jordan.....

However, they feel no compulsion what-so-ever to place the story on their page, despite the fact some MSM have picked it up, and more probably will. Despite the fact the blogosphere is full of the story, and again....the fact they felt compelled to answer the charges with varying responses at least several times.

Oh, and where is Jordan?????

A BIG part of why they will be forced to take this head on is going to be
Hugh Hewitt, there 1st with the straight word from Romy Abovitz....the 1st to post the fiasco concerning Eason Jordan, and now not just answering Hewitt's queries, but also telling it like it WAS!

Enjoy as this unfolds!


UPDATE1: Hugh Hewitt is going to be on The Chris Matthews Show on Sunday......there he will, without a doubt (as he states on his blog) get to the topic of Jordan and the CNN blackout! (See them bob and weave like fighters trying to avoid the knockout punch they know is coming????)

UPDATE2: Hugh is adding a list at the end of his above post to folks who have commented/linked to his post....Pekin Prattles is included......Thanks, again Hugh, for the mention.....Duke

UPDATE3: CNN is reaching trying to find a deflection of the issue.....they want the media to center on something else! Check out Powerline and some powerful stuff!